AQUAROBOTMAN Underwater ROV Reel - Nemo Store
AQUAROBOTMAN Underwater ROV Reel - Nemo Store
AQUAROBOTMAN Underwater ROV Reel - Nemo Store


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Nemo Reels

Secures cable during transport

Ergonomically designed hand grip makes it quick to collect

  • Easy for cable collection
  • Dimensions: 220*220*170mm
  • Weight: 920g


Nemo Underwater Drone

Dimensions: 404 mm (L) *290 mm(W) *114 mm (H)

Product Net Weight(Without Battery): 2.64 kg

Nemo Battery Weight: 760g

Depth Rating: 100m

Operation Temperature: -2 ~ 35

Max Speed: 2m/s (~3.9knots)

Camera: Wide angle lens, 4K/30fps (Video) and 16M(Image)

Storage: 32G/64G

Thruster: 4 powerful thrusters (2 horizontal, 2 vertical)

Battery: Smart 44.4 Wh Lithium Ion Battery, User Replaceable, Over 3 hrs’ normal operation.


Brightness: Powerful 1000 Lumen LED lights

Camera: Fitting for extra lights

Color Temperature: 6000-6500 (Cold Light)

Wi-Fi Base Station

Dimensions: 105 mm * 75 mm *159 mm Net Weight: 337g

Operating Frequency: 2.4 GHz

Nemo Battery

Dimensions: 112mm*125mm*65mm

Capacity: 44.4Wh

Weight: 760g

Working Time: 3 Hrs.

Charging Time: 2.5Hrs

Nemo Reels

Dimensions: 220*220*170mm

Weight: 920g

Nemo Camera

Lens: FOV 150, f/2.8

Sensor: Sony

Video Processing Chip: AmbarellaTM A12, up to 120fps.

Video Resolution: 4K: 3840*2160 30fps 16:9, 2.7K: 2704*1520 30fps 16:9, 1080P: 1920*1080 120fps 16:9, 1080P: 1920*1080 30fps 16:9

Image Size: 16M (4608*3456 4:3), 14M (4254*3264 4:3), 12M (4000*3000 4:3), 8.3M (3840*2160 16:9) ISO:100-3200

Max communication distance: 50m

Burst Shooting: 3 P/s ,5 P/s,10 P/s


Name: Aquarobotman

Platform: iOS 10.0 or Later / Android 5.0 or Later, smartphone/tablet

Kevlar Zero Buoyancy Cable (Communication Cable)

Diameter: 3.8mm

Length: 50m/100m

Weight: 0.6kg/1.1kg

Working Strength: 100kg

Wi-Fi Base Station Battery

Dimensions: 47mm*120mm*27mm

Capacity: 19.2Wh

Weight: 150g

Working Time: 6 Hrs.

Charging Time: 1.5 Hrs.

Nemo Charger

Input: 100- 240 V

Output: 12.6V and 8.4V