warranty Period

Warranty Period Nemo Products & Accessories, Free Warranty Service in the following cases.

Product Name Warranty Period
Nemo Underwater Drone (Not Include Motor Engines and Shell) 12 months after receipt
Motor Engine 6 months after receipt
Front Shell & Back Shell No Warranty
Nemo Battery 6 Months
Reel No Warranty
Wi-Fi Base Station 12 Months
Wi-Fi Base Station Battery 6 Months
Kevlar Zero Buoyancy Cable No Warranty
Nemo Charger 6 Months
Adaptor 6 Months
Nemo Backpack No Warranty

Warranty ServicesApplicable for Free Warranty Service in the following cases.

  • The product is applicable for Free Warranty Service in the following cases:

    The purchased product is used normally within the specified product warranty period, no product performance failure occurs;

    No disassembling the machine (except for the detachable part of the manual), no modification or retrofitting guided by non-official instructions, and other non-human-induced failures;

    Valid purchase proof, bill and order number are avaialble to be provided.

  • The Product is not applicable for Free Warranty Service in the following Cases:

    Collision or burning accidents caused by artificial non-product quality problems;

    Damage caused by unauthorized modification, dismantling, shell opening, etc., guided by unofficial instructions;

    Damage caused by improper installation, use and operation without instructions;

    Damage caused by the customer's own repair or the assembling without official instructions;

    Damage caused by improper circuit modification guided by unofficial instructions or improper matching of battery packs and chargers;

    Damage caused by use and shooting without correct product manual guide;

    Damage caused by handling in harsh environments, such as large waves, complex underwater terrain, poor visibility, etc.;

    Damage caused by manipulation in the case of interference with other wireless devices, such as WiFi signal;

    Mounting damage beyond the safe weight;

    Damage caused by forced start-up in the event of aging or damage to components;

    Use with third-party components that are not certified by Aquarobotman, causing damage due to reliability and compatibility issues;

    Damage caused by insufficient discharge when low battery or battery with quality problems occur;

    The items are not sent within 7 natural days after customer service contact confirm.