warranty policy

This policy describes how you may be able to obtain warranty service on, return, or exchange products you obtain from PowerVision.

Product Warranties

Some PowerVision products may offered with a product warranty. If your PowerVision product is offered with a product warranty, the documentation that accompanies your product will describe your product warranty coverage, including the applicable warranty period that begins on the date that you purchased the product (the “Warranty Period”).

To the extent that a repair to your product is covered under PowerVision’s product warranty and occurs during the Warranty Period, you will not be charged for diagnostics, labor, replacement parts, testing, and the cost of shipping the repaired product back to you. 

In order to obtain a repair under PowerVision’s product warranty, you must: 
• Request repair from PowerVision within the Warranty Period of your product; 
• Provide the product’s model, serial number, and other information from the factory label; 
• Provide receipts, proof of purchase, product registration, and other applicable information regarding the Warranty Period of the product; 
• Provide any other information requested by PowerVision regarding the product, your purchase or use of the product, and the nature of the repair requested; 
• Ship the product to PowerVision within seven days of submitting your request for repair.