Shopping FAQs

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  • 1.Q: Can Nemo be carried on the plane?

    A: Nemo Underwater Drone and its batteries meet the requirements of ICAO's transportation regulations and can be brought on board. However, because the lithium batteries can’t be packed in your luggage, so they must be carried on with you.

  • 2.Q: What are your delivery options?

    A: We use UPS or DHL in normal situations.

  • 3.Q: How long does it take to ship and delivery after ordering?

    A: Shipping within 24 hours after ordering. The delivery varies from country to country, generally around 7~15 days.

  • 4.Q: Can the goods be delivered to remote areas?

    A: Most parts of the world.

  • 5.Q: Will there be extra shipping charge?

    A: Free shipping in most areas. But it is possible to charge $49 shopping fee for some remote areas.

  • 6.Q: What are your payment options?

    A: The Official Store supports T/T, credit card and PayPal.

  • 7.Q: Who will bear the cost of warranty?

    A: We bear all the normal repair costs, and partially bear loss due to human factors.

  • 8.Q: Can I return and exchange?

    A: Please refer to the Return Policies of the User Manual. Or check it on the Official Website Product Return & Replacement

  • 9.Q: What is the Warranty Policy?

    A: Please refer to here Warranty Policy