Treasure Hunting

Ocean Creatures


Scuba Diving

Ready to submit? We’re stoked you’re living your passions and capturing your life with NEMO.

Review the rules below to ensure your content hits the mark.

1.Photos or Videos submitted for the challenge must be taken by NEMO underwater drone. No external editing software or mobile applications may be used except for the the phone's in-built photo or videos editor.

2. Photos or Videos submitted for the competition must contain EXIF information, and size of the photo or videos should be less than 512MB. Otherwise the photos and videos will not be accepted.

3. Each participant is able to upload a maximum of 6 photographs. Photos and videos submitted after the submission deadline (1st May, 2019) or via unofficial means will not be considered in the challenge.

4. Participants must agree to the NEMO’s Terms & Condition upon submitting their photos or videos in the challenge.

5. Participants are to check the details of their photos and videos before uploading as photos and videos cannot be altered once uploaded. If a participant is selected for the winners, they will be required to provide proof of purchase of a Nemo underwater drone that was used to shoot the selected photo or videos as well as some personal information in preparation for the final round. All submitted photos and videos will be removed from your account on 10th May, 2019.