Aquarobotman Global Official Sale Starts on September 28th, 2018

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  • Nemo drones are prepared for upcoming delivery
  • First QAS-Balance system built for Nemo underwater drone
  • Ultra-stable and 4K pictures and videos shoot

It has been 3 years for Aquarobotman to develop such innovative drone since it was firstly put forward by develop team in the year of 2015. Thanks for those who have been backers along in the way. Today, September 28th, 2018, we are beginning to lunch global official sale! This good news just releases to respond to your patient waiting. Welcome to visit Aquarobotman Official Website to get your dreamed Nemo drone. 

This Nemo drone includes enjoy kit and explore kit, which gives you the most amazing experience to explore underwater. Underwater Drone Nemo, is definitely a good helper, which adds more fun to your ordinary life. Underwater recording, ship detection and sea fishing, yacht entertainment and other underwater activities you never try when you are equipped with this drone.

In the near future, those who rush to purchase this drone top 10 will get premium price and they can save up to hundreds of dollars. Of course, this is one of our special offer to our customers. Just follow us to keep up with the latest news.