CES 2019 Spotlight, Nemo Underwater Drone Kicks Off Now

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What are you looking forward to when CES 2019 kicks off on January 8 as a three-day mega tech event?

It is estimated that more than 180,000 people and 4,400 companies will attend the CES show in Las Vegas. What are some of the black tech innovations coming this year? Numerous "Intelligent Manufacturing in China" products appear in succession.

In the face of innumerable intelligent products, underwater intelligent robots are like unicorns. However, with the growing demand of the public for underwater exploration, the market of underwater intelligent robots is gradually expanding to commercial and civil fields.

Nemo Underwater Drone has been equipped with such technologies as vision, perception, artificial intelligence and automatic balance, which has greatly improved the speed, depth of diving and the sharpness of shooting pictures.

In this exhibition, customers from Europe and America have expressed strong interest in Nemo underwater drone, among which there are dealers and enthusiasts of science and technology from Europe and America.

The American customer says, 'Nemo is really cool and still not the same as a handful of other drone products.' The streamlined design of Nemo underwater drone looks like both underwater sports car and hammerhead shark, and its sense of design has attracted the attention of many customers.