Nemo, first ultra-stable underwater drone, comes to boot 2019 Düsseldorf

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When you’re extremely obsessed with drones flying on the sky, have you ever dreamed of driving an underwater drone? Now, an innovative hi-tech company is announcing the first ultra-stable underwater drone, named Nemo, at 4B01, hall 4, boot 2019 Düsseldorf.

This year, the fair attracted more than 240,000 visitors from over 60 countries. As a portable underwater drone with simple operation, it stands out from numerous water sports and entertainment facilities and attracts the attention of many purchasers, who express their love for this product one after another.


In addition, the biggest surprise of the exhibition comes from "children who love science and technology". Aquarobotman, this flagship "consumer grade underwater drone", can be easily operated by APP on their phone or ipad.


Compared with industrial ROV, Nemo has lower costs and is accessible to anyone. The wider age distribution of people can easily and quickly learn to use Nemo, which provides an opportunity for teenagers to learn how to understand the ocean and protect it.