What are the best places to sail, anywhere in the world?

Most of them prefer to choose what they really love with friends or by themselves when they have spare time. Caribbean, a prevailing destination for holiday-whores, has started a new journey for some tourists. Especially, sailing to sea and going cruise tour become premium choices. Are there best places to sail? You may ask. Now here are three sail locations provided for you.


  1. Best places to sail in Europe

Zumaya, located in northern Spain, is an ideal place for you to sail. In the seventh season of Game of Throne, the dragon lady Daenerys Targaryen came to Westeros to choose dragon stone step. It is set in small fishing village in northern Spain Zumaya. For sailing lovers, they can enjoy retro designed buildings and exotica culture. Another place for sailing lovers is Croatia. Start off! You can take Spanish galleon sailing Croatia islands like Jack Sparrow! Yes, you got it. We have already give detailed information about sailing Croatia islands and you can refer to this article on Aquarobotman’s official website. Croatia helps to realize your Mediterranean dream if you want to sail in Europe.


  1. Best places to sail in the Caribbean

It is easy to see on the map that the two semi-closed intercontinental seas. The gulf area of Mexico and the Caribbean is formed by the division of the peninsula and islands between North and South America.


Today, the popular tourist destinations are being abandoned, and smaller destinations such as Iceland, Turkey, Morocco and Budapest are slowly becoming more expensive. It turned out that the world's richest people love a series of Caribbean island countries, which are top sailing destinations.


Virgin Islands, more than 60 small islands with outstanding natural scenery and blue water, embrace many celebrities. And the former US vice President Biden once spent new year in Virgin. The water is so blue that many people choose to do scuba diving and sail. Saint Barthelemy, another one you would never miss, to some extent satisfies your luxury wish. Because you can go on very expensive yatch sailing with a lot of entertainment stars if you are lucky enough.


  1. Best places to sail in Florida

Miami south beach is one of Florida's most interesting places. Spectacular beaches, art deco architecture and dazzling nightlife just fall into sight. The south beach offers a variety of water sports, including sailing, speedboats, snorkeling and surfing. There are many dance clubs, bars and world-class restaurants that provide you with a lively nightlife.


Shallow water, purified water and corals make Key West beach the most appealing scuba diving place. You can watch amazing underwater sea creatures on the board and chasing coral in sea water.best-places-to-sail

Among above, people often talk about best places to sail in California. In 1542, the Portuguese maritime explorer Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo sailed into the San Diego bay and first discovered the golden state of California, becoming the first European to discover California. From that moment on, Santiago began documenting centuries of historical change. Wherever you sail, do please enjoy your time without any worries! Because when you best places to sail, you just choose what kind of feeling to fit your life.

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