Useful Tips on Sailing Yacht Charter

One of the best and most special ways in which you can plan your yacht charter holiday tour with your family or friends is sailing yacht charter. It is the best way to save money for sailing holidays. You can sail along the wonderful coastal lines, marina or beach enjoying wonderful scenario. Like the 'wild' islands in Greece,deep sea fishing , It is also a meaning way to enrich your life experience and be close to nature. there are some greek islands for sailing holidays recommended by friends. Cythera is a biggish island, between the Peloponese and Crete, very quiet, with a nice countryside. Sikinos is one of the most quiet and unadulterated island in the Aegean. Alonissos is the most quiet of the Sporades, it is the home of the Monachus-Monachus seal marine park.


New sailing yacht charter is available in different shapes and sizes all over the world. Just before your exciting yacht charter holiday tour, take a look at the following warm and useful tips on sailing yacht charter. You will be sure to be more prepared in mind.

First of all, you need to decide to charter a sailboat or a motor yacht for your private yacht charter. Don’t say that you don’t care much about it because there are many considerations might be involved. The following lists the circumstances under which to choose a sailboat or to choose a motor yacht respectively.


You’d better to charter a sailboat when:

  • You are a skilled sailor, and you are obsessed with doing a bare boat charter in an interesting location. Moving from island to island with the skillful utilization of the wind power, enjoying the sailing adventure experience is all that you want.
  • Care more about the hydrocarbons generated by the motor yacht, and need a better environment during full sails travel. some people would rather consider for boat charter rental It is peaceful, quiet and full of fresh air. It is comparatively comfortable than just plodding through the water with a smelly diesel at the back of you.
  • Cost to operate is definitely an important factor. Sailing boat is comparatively less expensive than an equivalent motor yacht charter, because the motor yacht consumes much fuel for most of them are luxury yacht charter.
  • You prefer steadier ride with a yacht. It may sound surprising but the fact is that, sailing yachts are usually more stable than motor yachts since motor yachts bob and roll at sea more than comparably size sailing yachts.


You are recommended to charter a motor yacht when:

  • You are expecting the super comfortably luxury experience with a luxury yacht charter trip, and you have particular destination in mind. Motor yachts tend to be large enough and better suited for entertainment and recreational activities. You will have an absolutely amazing experience with a luxury yacht charter and enjoy it with your friend and your partner. It was so big and clean, it came with plenty of fun water toys, and the food was superb. you would highly recommend spending a day on the water, it is worth every penny. you were even surprised with photos and a fantastic sea animal videos with underwater drones that can fly like a fish during your deep sea fishing trip. There is no doubt that you will be back on a next one of your motor yacht during your next sailing trip It's great to see them and you can only dream of owning one of them.
  • You are not an experienced sailor and you have no idea of how to interact with the wind. It does take a lot of skill and experience to know how to manage everything about a sailing yacht, from provisioning to crew dynamics to the engine and plumbing to the actual sailing, need an employ captain with incredible experience on sailing luxury yacht.
  • You are preparing parties or recreational activities on a yacht, either for business purpose or for family reunion. A motor yacht is definitely more comfortable for holding happy-together events.


After you have your suitable sailing yacht on mind, there is still something you can do to reduce the cost. Try to arrange a group to go for a sailing yacht charter so that the total expenses involved in the trip could be divided equally among the participants. This is good for each one in the group. What’s more, if it is difficult to gather a group, you may try to find others who are willing to share a sailing yacht charter. Finding people issuing to yachting pages on Facebook is an effective way. Or join certain sailing forum online and post your need to share a yacht. used sailing yachts is more save on cost, but if you are high consumer groups, luxury sailing yachts sale from super yacht brokerage company is your best selection, they may provide you with the highest quality service that is absolutely transparent and reliable. Just enjoy your full sails travel.


Last but not the least, it is better for you to find out what insurance coverage you need for the trip. Meet with your insurance broker and make sure that you are fully covered in all capacities. Hope you enjoy your sailing yacht charter journey,sailing Croatia islands is a better selection if you want to challenge for travel fun in wild will look ward to to next sailing trip after back to because there are so many amazing and fascinating scenery that you are attracted and unforgettable night.

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