What are the Most Unmissable Islands When Having Sail Holidays in Greece?

Possessing the bluest sky and bluest sea all over the world, Greece is a perfect choice for a family sailing holiday. Featuring crystal clear sea water and huge amount of small islands scattering around the country, Greece is well-known as a romantic destination for sail holidays. There are more than 3,000 islands in Greece, and each one of them possesses exceptional characteristics. If you want to spare yourself from fatigue of travel while enjoying sceneries of Greek islands and sea, having sail holidays in Greece is the best way. because there are the most beautiful 'wild' islands in Greece.


Spend some efforts on sailing yacht charter, and you are sure to experience life-long memorable Greek island sailing holidays. Among so many beautiful islands, there are several standouts that you just cannot afford to miss.


Crete is one of the most amazing destination for Greece sailing holidays because it gives you almost everything that you are expecting for. You can stroll in different interesting towns, like Chania, Rethymnon, Heraklion, etc. You can taste delicious cuisine and dishes. And you can even explore the unspoiled island Gavdos, which is astonishingly interesting that you may feel like swimming in the sea in Africa. great selection for sail holidays.



On the island called Nisyros, the second biggest active volcano is under your feet and the island is a true heaven for geologists and naturalists. Visiting such a special island is surely a must for Greek island sailing holidays.



Angistri island is the greenest and most picturesque of the Saronic islands. It is a very popular destination for Greece sailing holidays not only because of its stunning beauty but also its proximity to Athens.


Ithaca is an idyllic island embraced by vast crystal blue water. It has been unspoiled by mass tourism yet. It is a spectacular destination to explore for a family sailing holiday or adventurous sail holidays.



Crete is a beautiful island with a lot of ‘wild’ nature in the central highlands with a lot of sun, nice beaches and amazing wild nature for a few hikes. you can lose yourself in the secluded hills, valleys and mountains. You could walk for hours without seeing even a goat. That's "wild". Plus, two of the top ten most beautiful beaches worldwide are located in the prefecture of Chania, Crete. Crete is a complete all-around destination considered one of the best in Greece. But it is very big! You will need several days just to get the essence of it. It almost as big as Cyprus. You never miss to visit Crete in your next Greece sailing holidays.



Milos is a beautiful but small Cycladic island with lunar-like terrain and amazing and weird beaches with natural beauty, thanks to their volcanic nature. You can enjoy for More for families and couples who want to enjoy the beaches, Milos is a more quieter place, it is considered to be a typical vacation destination for couples. you can retire to Milos to recuperate and relax, unless you are from Western or you will have time difference. don't miss to visit the Minoan town of Akrotiri and having a swim in the Caldera when you there is chance to sea world travel for Greek island sailing holidays.

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