How much do you know about round world yacht race?

Since adventurous activities on the sea were launched by many sponsors, many people who have spare time and energy would love to take participated in these round world yacht races. This kind of round world yacht race cost participants huge mounts of money. Usually, racing lovers sign up for thrilling competitions like world yacht race. If you really want to be engaged into round world sailing race, there are five sailing tips for beginners before you really want to experience round world yacht race.


  1. Clipper Round the World Yacht Race

It was first proposed by Sir Robin Knox Johnston, an Englishman, in 1995, with the intention of involving more people in the adventure of sailing around the world. The first Clipper Round the World Yacht Race was held in 1996. In English, "clipper" means a clipper or schooner. With a voyage of 35,000 nautical miles and 10 months, and complicated world yacht cruises.the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race has become the largest amateur round the world sailing race event and one of the world's most famous sailing yachts racing events. The Clipper fleet now has more than 1.2 million miles of ocean experience, making more than 250 global navigators.


  1. Volvo Ocean Race

The most obvious difference between the Volvo and the Clipper, is that Clipper basically allows amateur crew members with tough yacht racing rules, while Volvo includes professional crew members. Founded in 1973, Volvo round world yacht race is the world's premier round-the-world sailing event. The event, which is held every four years, is one of the toughest team sports events in the world. And has gone through some of the world's most grueling events, both in terms of technology and endurance. Volvo universal sailing competition is also one of the most expensive single sport events, each entry ships with a total investment of more than twenty million dollars.


  1. America’s Cup

When it comes to sailing, the America's cup must be mentioned. Arguably, the America's cup is the oldest, most influential and most prestigious sailing event in the world. It is ranked as the four most influential traditional sports events in the world, together with the Olympic Games, the World Cup football tournament and formula one racing. Today, the TV broadcast of the America's Cup has covered more than 200 countries and regions in the world, with a total audience of 2.9 billion. Even across the sports world, the America’s Cup has a long history. In 1851, the American, a sailing ship representing the New York yacht club, competed with 15 sailing ships representing the royal fleet of British speedboats.


By the way, many sailors may join some yacht racing associations like Alice Springs, located in Australia, which many of sailors who have attended the round world yacht race often visit. And you may be lucky enough to see yacht racing photos taken by the club. If you're on your first voyage, you might want to ask what do the yacht racing flags mean. They are all signal flags with different colors, shapes and symbols that can be used individually or in combination to express certain meanings.


When you see these famous round world yacht races get warm welcome by many people, you may admire sailors who are able to join. Don’t worry, what are the best places to sail, anywhere in the world? You may ask. This article can afford you many suggestions. Even you don’t have much experience to sail by you, you are accessible to family cruise vacations. Round world travel will never be a problem! If you have chance to go on yacht racing on the ocean, round world yacht race will get close to you!


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