Take out your Nemo underwater drone to Philippines for good diving

As an old saying goes, ”If you are a diving whore, please choose the Philippines;If you are a fresh diver, please choose the Philippines too”.

 Why does the Philippines perfectly become a must for divers? Because there are numerous islands there waiting for you guys. No matter what kind of levels you belong to, you can always find the best scuba diving instructor and scuba diving location. More importantly, Nemo is going to be your good companion.

Panglao Island, as one of the top 10 diving destination in the world, is famous for the steady climate of only three months raining seasons. No typhoon will show up and it is really an ideal place to dive. In Alona Beach, divers usually witness spectacular “Jack Fish”, the legendary fish storm, which expands to about 2 meters. Nemo underwater drone helps you to take pictures or videos about such amazing scenes. It may be the shocking moment of your life and remember to say hi to the camera at this memorial time.

 Another good diving place is Balicasag Island. 1000 meters Big Drop Off under the sea, which has been listed conservation area by the United Nations. Just bring your Nemo to dive into this place. Topnotch diving paradise with a large number of coral reefs and fish and Nemo captures them through its eyes. Especially for snorkeling, you can enjoy what comes with you!



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