How does Nemo have the ability to do ship hull inspection?

Today, sea travel has been a trendy way to explore the new world. However, most of the travelers worry about the performance of their favorite yacht or kayak, especially, bottom situation. Because long soak period may cause some damage.

Here is a super cool inspection tool nicknamed Nemo, which can be applied to ship hull inspection without huge expense on that. Let’s take a look at it:

  1. Depth-Hold. As you can read raw information about it, the machine can keep the depth you want. And thus, you will never be concerned about the various depth of docking.
  2. Hover in the water or on the surface. This helps you overcome ripples and waves when you want to use it to check the hull point.
  3. 4K Camera with fill light. If the corrosive and rusty part of the hull cannot be checked by manual work, Nemo becomes a good assistant with your work in a dark corner or dim situation.
  4. Real-Time Video on your phone or tablet. Anytime you can dive this drone down to detect unsure condition about your yacht. Just click a button and control the drone to the point you want. Everything can be clearly captured by the ultra-definition camera and you can observe what happens underwater.

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