Do you want to trace voyages world history and be curious what happen in ancient time?

Do you know voyages world history? Seafaring activities began as early as in the late Neolithic age. With the needs of production and life, people are constantly exploring new fields. In the second half of 4th century BC, a Greece navigator sailed from Masillia (now Marseilles, France), along the Lberian peninsula and the coast of France, and then shipped down along the eastern coast of the island of Great Britain to Orkney islands, and thus arrived at the Elbe river east. This was the first sailing history and one of earlier voyages discovery history in the west world.


Before this, ancient voyages in the Mediterranean had been quite frequent. Ancient navigators of that era, both from east and west world, could only mastered the primary navigation technology by recognizing the topography and water potential to determine the distance; and in via of observation of the sun, moon and stars to judge the direction. Until the application of the compass, ancient maritime history was once again changed.


1.Invention of compass

In 475-221 BC, China was in the warring states period. The invention of the compass and its application on ships made big breakthrough in navigation technology.


2.Xu Fu sailed to Japan

In 221 BC, after the First Emperor of Qin unified the country, he attached great importance to navigation and sent ancient sailing ships during the Qin dynasty, including the eastward sailing to Japan


 3.The opening of "silk road"

To expand overseas trade, the Tang dynasty opened the maritime "silk road" and history sailing ship sailed as far as Aden.


4.Zheng He sailed to the Atlantic

In the year of 1405 ~ 1433, there was a peak in Chinese sailing history, which was the "silk road" led by Zheng He who shipped down to the western seas seven times successively. This sailing ships history lasted nearly 30 years in than 30 countries. The farthest flight arrived in today's east coast of Somalia and Kenya in Africa.


5.Dias arrived at Cape of Good Hope

Captain Dias arrived at the southern tip of Africa in 1487 and this was another sailboats history. The king of Portugal decided that if he could get there, there was hope of getting to east India, and then he renamed it Cape of Good Hope.


6.Columbus discovered the new world

In August 1492, Columbus sailed westward from Palos with three small round-headed and square-tailed sailboats. The land was finally discovered in October 1492 in SAN Salvador who was the first European to land on the continent. This indicated that new sailing lines were going to be found. These voyages Columbus history created got well-known to household.


  1. Magellan round-the-world voyage

In 1519, the Portuguese navigator Magellan and his fleet sailed from Santa Roca, crossed the Atlantic and arrived in the Philippines in 1522. His crew returned to Spain in September of the same year, completing the first round-the-world voyage.


8.Progress in navigation technology

Great voyages discovery was again recognized. In 1569, Flemish geographer Michael Cato invented the cylindrical centroid projection map, which was most suitable for navigation, and became the basis of modern sea map. At the same time, sea map also provided referred sailing information for sailing experts.

With the gradual maturity of navigation technology and the continuous progress of science and technology, high technology has been widely used in sailing. Modern sailing ships activities began in Holland. Now many young men prefer sailing cruises Caribbean. If you are interested in sailing voyages and want to go on sailing voyages like sailing adventures Caribbean, sailing history books are good choices for best sailboat beginners and sailing traveler in sail holidays.

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