Do you really know how to select scuba diving flippers?

If you go on scuba diving, the least you can missing scuba diving gear is scuba diving flippers. Without scuba diving fins, the fun and benefits of deep sea exploration could have been less. Although scuba diving flippers greatly improve the efficiency of human action in the water, this human imitation is still far from the flapping of underwater sea creatures, which is mainly manifested in the following two points:


1.The animal's fins are part of the body, and they can change the shape and posture at will according to situation. Therefore, the scuba diving fins made by humans can never match the efficiency of that.

  1. Underwater animals, have a natural perception and understanding of the characteristics of water, instinctively mastering the most labor-saving methods and rhythms to use their fins, while humans need to learn and train to use their diving equipment.

You may look through a lot of scuba diving fins sale on amazon and often ask yourself that how to choose the best scuba diving gear. After all, there are some facts about deep sea exploration you never know, just like the fins. Aquarobotman here gives you some little tips for you.


There are two diving fins types: foot type and adjustment type. The foot sets directly fit into the fins, so you need to choose the same size as your own shoes. This kind of fins are more often applied to warm water and snorkeling. If you want to select the best snorkel fins, just try them on your own. More comfortable, more suitable.


Another adjustable fins are required to wear the diving boots, then fit into the fins and secure them with the rear adjustment straps. Most scuba divers will choose adjustable fins, especially in cold waters or in areas where shore diving are prevalent. Wearing diving boots can prevent foot scratches and low temperatures. Most of the adjustments are easier to put on and off than when the water is in and out of the water.


The most common flippers are composed of fin surfaces, side keels and guide tanks. For example, the four lines of mares. This kind of flipper is very suitable for users. They can kick freely, like frog kick and backward kick. Beginners and people with weak legs.

Surfaces of freediving fins are made of plastic, fiberglass or carbon fiber, which look longer than normal fins. This can greatly improve the efficiency of free play. There is also a single fin with two feet caught in, shaped like a dolphin's caudal fin, which can only be kicked by a special dolphin kick.


The problem of flippers directly affects the degree of fatigue and fun of diving. For a long time, people hold vague understanding of flippers, and they do not understand the characteristics of various kinds of flippers in principle. When they travel and choose snorkel fins, they naturally get into trouble. This article may help those people who have difficult choices for flippers. You must remember first time awkward scuba diving, but now no more tough choices.

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