Any mythical underwater creatures living deep sea with similar intelligence to us?

Ichthysaur once ruler of underwater sea creatures said to be intelligent like octopus.When you google “Could it be possible there is a mythical underwater creature living deep underwater with similar intelligence to us?”, you would never imagine that underwater sea creatures like octopus comes to top ranking list. More shockingly, you would never imagine the Ichthysaur which is one of the largest creepy underwater creatures may be intelligent and look like octopus. And still, there are a lot of deep sea creatures facts you don’t know before. 


For those who love reading science fiction, Jules Verne's Journey to the Center of the Earth is never a stranger to them. In this book, there is a depiction of a Ichthyosaur fighting a plesiosaur. Just fancy these strange underwater creatures and exclaim how unimaginable cool underwater creatures they are. You may wonder what is ichthysaur on earth? Ichthysaurs live in the most of the period of the Mesozoic, which first appeared about 250 million years ago, a little earlier than the dinosaurs (230 million years ago). They disappeared about 90 million years ago, about 25 million years earlier than the dinosaur extinction. Some ichthyosaurs were very small, but some ichthyosaurs were very large.
underwater-sea-creaturesSome people believe that ichthysaurs may to some extent resemble octopus. These giant ocean dwelling dinosaurs were preyed upon by deep underwater creatures which are much larger than themselves. In the fossil record, a large enough and intelligent enough predator has never been found. In common sense, invertebrates don’t fossilize well. And therefore it was probably a large invertebrate like a squid or an octopus. What is even more interesting to us turns out to be that the vertebra are spread out in patterns that resemble the suckers on an octopus’s tentacle. The dinosaur bones that have been found are always arranged very strangely, with the vertebra spread out in designs and patterns. And So these weird underwater creatures may actually be self portraits made by the predator. Simply put, ichthysaur may be taken as original large octopus.


Here's the interesting thing. A few years ago, in the underground quarry of a museum in the United Kingdom, some fish fossils were found with necks, forelimbs and tails. After researcher’s careful study, it was found that the fish dragons use the forelimb as a “directional rudder” and a large tail as a propeller. If these weird underwater creatures want to swim slowly, they would use two forefingers to draw water. If they want to get ahead quickly, they would shake the big tail vigorously, like an arrow, across the water, and speed away. What a shame! You cannot be accessible to pictures underwater creatures like these fossils. Does it sound like a modern penguin? Ah, you may get wrong about it.


According to above research, ichthysaurs are very good at playing their food and rearranging the remains of there prey just like octopus. Once upon time, one of octopus disassembled a valve at the Santa Monica Aquarium and created a minor flood. So you can image that how intelligent ichthysaurs are. Unlike octopus, ichthysaurs are also ferocious underwater sea creatures, because they sometimes can catch pterosaurs from the subduction to the sea. If they play some little tricks, some underwater sea creatures cannot compete their “ deep intellect”.this maybe giant discover in deep sea exploration history. for more discover in deep Ocean, there are super powerful underwater drones that can fly help you to come true your Dream of Ocean Adventure if you are interest in contributing your spirits on Ocean Project.but this mythical underwater creatures Name ichthysaurs have been extinct like many endangered marine life or sea animals like The Hawksbill Turtle,Hammerhead Shark,Vaquita,Blue Whale,Fraser's Dolphin.let the Human Being wake up to try every their best efforts to work together to save our Ocean Home and save our earth planet.hope that more and more people aware of the important of the Ocean life, they are food source of the Marine life. we are luck to see more Marine Resource Development and Protection lover like the chasing coral volunteer get good reviews in social media. It's worth learning from them.


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