what kind of classification of underwater sea creatures you don’t know

It is probably that human beings start to get knowledge of underwater sea creatures since ocean has firstly come into sight. A pile of shells that proven to be carry-over in the Stone Age have been found by archaeologists. What’s more, ancient fish spear and fishhook are also found, showing that inhabitants who live along sea coast accumulate a lot of underwater sea creatures and practical tips about ocean.


Some research about underwater sea life has set off a wave around biologists. As so far now, the most widely recognized biosystematics is five boundary classification system. However, what we often know about underwater species are underwater sea animals, underwater sea plants, microbes and viruses. And majority of us are getting more and more curious about how they live underwater.


Underwater sea animals are usually categorized into two kinds: vertebrate and invertebrate. However, the number of vertebrates takes account on 71% of the whole animals in world.


Underwater animal facts that you never know about are invertebrates underwater also numerous such as sea anemone, coral, shell, sea hare, squid, octopus, shrimp, crab and so on. And vertebrates include fish and other sharks.


Are there any mythical underwater creatures like manatee?

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Are there any scary underwater creatures like big shark? did you ever image If you are scuba diving with great white sharks swimming around you, what can you do?


Are there any mythical underwater creatures like manta ray fish?

You may come up with a lot of questions like that. There are indeed existing a lot of unknown underwater sea creatures just like what have mentioned above. Except for these vertebrates, many other amazing deep ocean creatures similarly attract exploration divers. Some creatures get famous for their legendries and unknown truths. For instance, tuna, a kind of ordinary fish appearing frequently in the history book of writer, swims very fast and reaches at the speed of 160km per hour. Additionally, as sophisticated deep ocean exploration divers, they usually have witnessed a large amount of fishes. Most of common fishes observed by tourists are tropic fish family and they frequently show up on Internet pictures sea animals. What are cool underwater creatures! Because bountiful colors are just like born with them.


What’s more, underwater sea plants are another kind of interesting creatures that many plants-whores usually follow. Deep ocean seaweeds mainly consist of sea plants because 14000 are seen when they are put under microscope. Scientists classify them into two kinds: floating algae and benthic algae. Red tide often gets notorious because of overgrown floating algae (green algae and blue-green algae) in ocean, of which eutrophication is main crime culprit. Mangrove plants grow in tropic shallow beaches, where are often submerged by sea water with tide rising and falling.


Ocean, a mysterious world, is waiting for human beings to explore. When you see pictures underwater animals show up, inner desire arouses curiosity of you. Maybe it’s time to dig into sea world and take a careful look at underwater sea creatures. However, the road ahead will be long and human beings need to make preparation for future.


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