What happens to deep sea animals?

In the year of 2010, 10-year Census of Marine Life released the final report, which showed underwater world more fascinating than island. In this first census of underwater sea creature, you never imagine what has happened to deep sea animals. According to the report, there are nearly 10 million species of deep sea animal, 2.5 million of which have been known to human beings and the other 7.5 million species got little-known. More importantly, these deep sea animals live in obscure sea areas distributed among the Atlantic, the South Pole and East Pacific.


Based on deep sea animal facts, human beings always try to find out what really happen to deep sea ocean animals. Could there be undiscovered mythical deep sea species down in the sea? Yes, as mentioned above, 7.5 million deep sea animal are rarely discovered. After all, many deep sea explores just focus on underwater cave diving and throw themselves more into this kind of X-sport.


  1. Why does deep sea animal get so large?

The legends of the deep-sea "Water Monster" among animals in deep sea ecosystem are not all groundless. And you may seldom have chance to see deep sea animals pictures. Many animals, living in the deep sea,like great white sharks, tend to be much larger than those in shallow water.do you know facts about humpback whalesAlthough the humpback whale is not the largest whale in the world, it is also a well-deserved behemoth in the ocean. In addition to the oarfish, giant octopus and squid, there are nearly 4 meters long and nearly 20 kg of crab, 2.7 meters long and 1.5 meters wide giant manta ray fish. Even deep-sea worms are amazingly large. Worms like earthworms are usually 10 to 20cm long, while the deep-sea type of tidal worms actually reaches 76 cm long and weigh 1.75kg but the familiar tide worm is only 1 centimeter in size on the ground.


Why are deep-sea animals so many species? This is a question that has not yet been fully clarified.

Some people says that this comes from temperature. Similar animals tend to grow in size as the temperature drops. The deeper the water is, the lower the temperature is, and thus the larger the deep sea animal is. But these "giant" deep-sea creatures grow tens of times in size and are difficult to explain by the difference in temperature.


  1. Can the body color of a deep sea animal can be used as a weapon?

The deep sea below the true light layer, without light at all, is a truly dark world. As a result, some deep-sea animals, in order to better mate and find companions, gradually make their body color appear as the reddish red that spreads furthest in the sea and is most likely to be found by the same species. Such creatures tend to have developed vision and larger eyes than their shallow relatives. Such as the long spiny stone crab.Both cuttlefish and octopus show remarkable discoloration; The squid's stylus has iridescent cells that give its body a variety of hues, changing colors that swirl around the surface like waves, and can quickly attack targets with vertigo and dullness. The octopus has the ability to change color, soft body can try it completely into a rock, coral reef and so on.this weapon can well protect their life from attack of the other sea animals in large marine ecosystems since there are complex chains of Marine life.What do you know about large marine ecosystem?


  1. Will deep-sea animals explode when they reach shallow water or sea?

The body structure of deep-sea animals is clear inside and outside. You may never see such pictures of underwater animals. For example, the body of sea cucumber, a worm, looks like a bag, but it has two channels, mouth and anus, so high deep sea water pressure, but same pressure inside and outside the sea cucumber body. Therefore, so it will not burst.


There is no doubt that a lot of unknown truths waiting for human beings to explore. In terms of such difficulty when scuba diving into deep sea, some underwater drones start to sale for the target of learning more about large marine ecosystem and deep sea creatures. Luckily enough, you are going to see really wild animals dive in deep sea. Owing to high-tech, more scientific exploration activities expand, and more new deep sea animals need to be named, which means a lot in the history of deep ocean exploration.With the commercial hunting, more and more Marine life is endangered, that is why is marine conservation research so important.As environmental pollution worsens and ocean temperatures rise, many Marine life is already under serious threaten, such as the phenomenon of coral bleaching,it is waken up the whole human being to save the earth, save the ocean. luckily there are a lot of Marine conservation volunteers already taking activities, if you are following the chasing coral, you will be shocked by their great deep-sea adventure. check this article about what is your idea about chasing coral review to wake up human being stop coral blenching.do you feel a lot .What can we do for these deep sea animals

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