What are the most interesting true facts about cuttlefish?

Do you know that cuttlefish don’t belong to fish family? Do you know that cuttlefish are too clever to be caught by other fierce underwater sea creatures ? Do you know something interesting true facts about cuttlefish? Cuttlefish always tries to escape from enemies in the way of cuttlefish ink and it is so called squid. When you goggle true facts about cuttlefish on the Internet, you may find something amazing. The cuttlefish can change the body color at its will. Sometimes, it even jumps out of the water. Last time, we talked about Could there be undiscovered mythical deep sea species down in the sea . Of course, you can categorize it into mythical underwater sea creatures, because you never know the true facts about cuttlefish.


Cuttlefish are flat and supple, which are ideal for life on the ocean floor. Cuttlefish often do slow motion at ordinary times, but it can throw strong enemy behind at the speed of 15 meters per second (54 kilometers per hour) when running into danger. Some cuttlefish travel up to 150 kilometers per hour. Not only does it escape faster, but it also preys faster.benefits of deep sea exploration .


Some cuttlefish kings prefer camouflage to communicate and avoid capture of other larger species. It's easy to see how selective pressures acted on these systems to make them exquisitely responsive. Because mimicking the background is an adaptive strategy: survival, hunting and mating depend on this ability. Does this true facts about cuttlefish astonish you?


How do cuttlefish change color? Have you seen the pictures of cuttlefish? The Cuttlefish are discoloration expert in water, whose body is packed with millions of red, yellow, blue, black and other pigment cells, making a reaction within a second or two to adjust the size of the pigment sac in the body to change cuttlefish colors to adapt to the environment and avoid harm from enemy.


The remarkable thing about cephalopod chromatophores is that they are neutrally controlled. The neurons that govern muscle contraction and thus dispersal or concentration of pigment in the elastic "container" of the pigment within each chromatophore (called the saccule) are directly connected to the brain. That’s why the animal can do quick cuttlefish camouflage. Another information about cuttlefish is that inside the cuttlefish is an ink sac, which contains thick black ink. When encountering an enemy, it spews out quickly.


The onyx squid, one of cuttlefish species, is known to care for their offspring. Female squid carries large egg sacs containing hundreds of eggs. This hatchery lasts six to nine months, during which the female does not eat at all, but guards the egg, and when the egg hatches, it is done, and it dies. It's the first time that a squid has been found around the world to care for offspring.


Above are true facts about cuttlefish. Some true facts of cuttlefish you may never know before, some other may astound you. As a deep-sea explorer, you tend to make detailed plans for what may waits for you. Just like many people who know benefits of deep sea exploration , you must have made deep research into them and been ready to take an adventurous trip under sea world. During your travel in deep sea expedition, if with the help with high technology tools like Nemo underwater drone, you will discover more mythical underwater sea creatures like sharks and other deep sea species.When you come across such species, learning some true facts about cuttlefish may help you better know the underwater world.


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