Three types of marine algae you need to know

You must never forget that in scuba diving places where marine algae become ubiquitous. And you even don’t expect that “the types of edible marine algae reach up to 100”, which makes marine algae identification more difficult. However, what you may don’t know is that these algae are not armed with root, stem and leaf. They are not “underwater sea plants”, but just simple thallus and make organic matter through the way of photosynthesis. There are three types of marine algae that have already become known to household.


  1. Green marine algae

Green marine algae are featured by its quick reproduce and types. It is usually called “sea lettuce” or “Enteromorpha”. They are favorite economic vegetables and can be made yummy algae cakes. The reason why most of the people would like to look them as food is that rich Fe in themselves. The green marine algae takes on green color with 6700 types of green algae , and grown in sea water algae of which accounts for 10%. For those growing in sea water, the majority of which are attached on the rocks in shallow water. When you go on deep sea fishing, your fishhook is barely twined by these algae.


  1. Red marine algae

Red marine algae, another kind of marine algae species, prefers to grow in low-tide terrace and subtidal zone. Some lives in 30-60 meters below clear underwater and shady rocks in intertidal zone; Some other lives in rocks espoused on huge waves. More interestingly, red marine algae are of high economic value.


Some red marine algae health benefits you need to know. Nori is one of edible algae and abundant in protein. What’s more, it tastes very delicious and often shows up in processed food and daily life. Caloglossa and Digenea are can be treated as vermifuge of children. One of uses of red marine algae lies on that the agar-agar from red marine algae which is mainly applied to medical industry and textile industry.


  1. Brown marine algae

The most advanced kind among algae belongs to brown marine algae and can live in deep ocean. It is multicellular and the main element in underwater forest. And the distinctive feature of this algae is huge shape.


red-marine-algaeBrown algae classification can be categorized into many kinds. Staghorn algae, which looks like stag, is one of brown algae and can be edible. It is widely distributed in the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, the Indian Ocean and often attached on the rocks beaten by waves. However, the king of algae is kelp which reaches 200 meters long. In the period of transition from spring to summer, it can grow up to about 2 meters. With such quick speed, it is of course called the special one in marine algae species. And sometimes you can see brown algae marine in aquarium because of such super accelerating growing speed.


If you want to know more about deep sea plants list, please follow our website. We can provide you a lot of information about detailed types of marine algae and sea algae benefits. Although a lot of benefits including nutrition such as sodium salt, iodate and potassium provided to human beings and oxygen offered to underwater sea creatures, some misbehaved activities caused by human, water pollution, for instance, have already become obstacle of fishery. It is urgently our duty to protect ocean environment and bring back more clear sea water to mother nature. And thus, more various types of marine algae may possibly appear underwater.


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