What is the benefit to make Manatees research?

You may wonder manatees are what kind of mythical underwater sea creatures. Manatees are called mermaids which really adds mystery to them. Manatees research recently has been strongly touted by large number of biologists. Because they are really become manatee endangered species. Where are manatees found? You may put out that question. Three Sisters Springs, Crystal River in Florida are always surrounded by stampeded tourist just for manatees!


Manatees are Sirenia animals, somewhat like whales, with forelimbs like fins, degenerated hind limbs, and rounded tails. They are hairless, thick-skinned, grayish black with deep wrinkles. their body reach 2.5-4.0 meters, and the weigh about 360 kilograms. Where do manatees live? Manatees store a lot of fat under their skin, which keeps their body temperature in the sea water such as in shallow seas and estuaries in West India, West Africa, and Amazon. Does this huge one of sirenia mammals eat fish or other underwater sea creatures and fierce predators? What do manatees eat? You never thought that they take see-weed as food and what they eat weigh up to 5 to 10 percent of their weight every day. They eat grass like carpet rolling generally and a piece of ground is eaten get reputation "water weeding machine". How long do long do manatees live? A manatee can live 50 to 60 years without disaster circumstances.


In 1493, When Columbus sailed to the Caribbean, at the mouth of the Biak river in Dominica, and saw numerous manatees, he wrote in his diary that he was stunned. This may be one of manatee county public records. But the number of manatees is still decreasing year by year. In addition to poaching, unintentional killing is also very serious. What’s more, due to water pollution, along the coast of Florida in the United States, continuous red tide phenomena appear and manatees die year after year. And those are why are manatees endangered. As mentioned earlier, Crystal River in Florida is famous for manatees. Every winter, some distributed in the southeast coast of North America often seasonally swim to Florida for warm spring because of thin fat under their skin. they are fear of low temperature winter.This is probably the Florida manatee habitat map. If you are a commercial underwater photographer, sometimes diving into underwater for close touching manatees are allowed. However, if you want to go on a underwater photography for free, just shoot your dice in other areas!


There are other manatee facts information you don’t know. Many people can’t tell the difference between manatees and dugongs. Dugongs can be found in places like the Indian Ocean and western Pacific coast. But manatees spend their life in West India, West Africa, and Amazon. Apart from similar sirenia characteristics and their minor differences on heads, the biggest difference lies on their tails. The tails of dugongs are similar in shape to the tails of dolphins. The tail leaves are horizontal and slightly triangular with a gap in the middle of the trailing edge. The tail of a manatee degenerates into a large rounded fin. About classification dugongs, there is no subspecies. But there are three subspecies which have been mentioned before.


Above are small epitomes of manatees’ research, and Florida has already introduced some acts to protect manatees. However, more manatees research waits for you to be explored because of many mysteries behind ocean. Let’s do what we can to protect mild manatees! They are real not offensive to human beings. if you are more interest in ocean research , you will be interest in one innovation creativity underwater drones that can fly under sea Name Nemo in our shop, it is best spy for deep sea exploration.more ,only 5% of the Ocean has been on explored. check this article for What benefits deep sea exploration you don’t know?


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