What do you know about large marine ecosystem?

I believe that there are some little-known facts about ocean ecosystem of which you get knowledge. We already learn that oceans cover 71 percent of the earth's area. The ocean on earth is interconnected and can be thought of as a vast and open ocean ecosystem. Large Marine ecosystem is generally larger than 200, 000 square kilometers, with the ocean floor topography and the associated biological groups within marine ecosystem food web.


1.Types marine ecosystem

Large marine ecosystem can be divided into two subsystems, water layer and benthic layer. Among them, the water layer subsystem includes all living underwater sea creatures from the surface of the ocean to the maximum depth of the water body, as well as the water environment and the benthic environment in which it is located; the benthic subsystem includes all benthic organisms living in the seabed. And the benthic environment and water environment in which it is located.


  1. Plants ocean ecosystem

There is some ocean ecosystem information you need to know. Plankton, swimming organisms, benthic organisms and microbes in the marine ecosystem will produce direct or indirect external output through their own physiological and ecological processes, and form ecosystem service functions.


Most of the plants in the ocean are tiny phytoplankton. The phytoplankton individuals in the ocean are small, but in large quantities, and they are the main bait for herbivores. There are three types of marine algae such as green marine algae, red marine algae, brown marine algae and so on. In the water layer with a water depth of no more than 200 m, the light is abundant and there are large numbers of phytoplankton.


  1. Animals ocean ecosystem

The environment change in deep sea is very small. Dark, cold and barely unchanged temperature between 1-2℃ often comes to the situation. The deep sea is also called bathypelagic zone, which is in the state of lacking food. And the ocean ecosystem food chain is to some extent weak. Only 5% of the food can be reached into bathypelagic zone in euphotic zone.


Under this circumstance, deep sea animals live far away from each other. Darwin's theory of evolution “survival of the fittest” may not well illustrate this phenomenon: Marine life food chain. Because large pressure underwater changes very dramatically and remote distance of

surface on water. Some deep sea marine life has already degraded into less functional deep sea species without swimming bladder. Real deep-sea creatures in darker and even totally dark underwater are with small eyes or without eyes, which makes them scary deep sea creatures.


Among above, coral reef ecosystem is one of the world's most productive ecosystems. The reefs and their biomes formed by the calcareous remains of calcareous corals and calcareous algae in tropical and subtropical oceans. However, this ecosystem has been largely destroyed. You can review this article “what is your idea about chasing coral review to wake up human being stop coral blenching”. What’s more, other threats of marine ecosystems still exist, global warming, for instance, leads to change of heat distribution on earth, ocean circulation system, and mythical underwater sea creatures distribution and expand.

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