Help Super Giant-manta ray fish!

Manta ray, the English name “manta” comes from the Spanish word for blanket, just look at its size from the manta ray pictures! This manta ray fish is well-known to graceful and elegant swimming posture in the sea similar to that of bats flying in the night sky. People who see manta rays for the first time are overwhelmed by their "alien" appearance, which makes it hard to associate them with common fish among deep sea species. In fact, this ancient fish appears in the ocean as early as the Mesozoic Jurassic period.

  1. Super Giant !

For more than 100 million years, their bodies have barely changed. Manta rays are generally flat, wider than length, up to 8 meters wide, and weigh 3,000 kilograms. This kind of giant oceanic manta ray has two fleshy feet on its head, protruding forward over its head, which are called head fins. They feed mainly on plankton and small fish in via of cooperative feeding ways, and where do manta rays live? They often prowl around coral reefs. At the same time, they slowly fan its large wings and swim leisurely in the sea, using its front fins and meat horns to push plankton and other tiny creatures into wide mouth. And therefore, "Devil fish" is deeply impressed by ordinary people because of its frightening shape.


The smallest manta ray is the Australian Mobula diabolis, which is less wider than 60 centimeters (2 feet). Manta birostris, the largest species of Manta rays in the Atlantic, is up to 7 meters (23 feet) wide. Are manta rays dangerous? They are brown or black in colour and very powerful but very mild.


  1. Flying like a kite!

Manta rays have one of their most distinctive habits: they are born out of the sky. The scientists observed that manta ray needs to do a series of preparations before jump out: In the midst of the sea, the flying manta ray swims in the way of rotary rise, closes to the surface at the same time, and speeds, leaps, and sometimes also is accompanied by beautiful flips. At its highest, it can jump between 1.5 and 4 meters, and when it falls into the water, it makes a loud bang, which is seen very beautiful and spectacular.


  1. Smart to play tricks!

Manta rays also have strange habits. They have a lively temper. Sometimes they deliberately swim to the bottom of a small boat sailing in the sea, strike the bottom with its body wings, making a "whoop and crackle" sound, which frightens the people on board. Sometimes they head to the little boat which is anchored in the sea, and hang meat horn on the chain of the boat, and pull up its little iron anchor. The fishermen mistakenly assume that this is "the devil"  Unless you go on a big island Hawaii manta ray night snorkel, you will really feel that they are harmless. And Hawaii manta ray dive tour recently appeals to many deep sea explorers just for a better understanding of weird and mythical underwater creatures.


  1. Help manta ray fish!

Help manta ray fish, because they are overfishing at least 94, 000 a year worldwide! Manta rays are included in the International Convention on the Protection of Migratory Wildlife Species (CMS) in 2011, and have been classified as "endangered" by the international union for the conservation of nature and ecology (IUCN). For those people who witness manta ray night dive would never forget the scene: a giant manta ray fish is surrounded by lots of plankton at night ! If you still want to take a deep sea expedition tour with ocean exploration technology like a new underwater drone camera to show more of related marine environmental protection information to the public. Just do it now! Help manta ray fish! Although they are smart but they are not “devil”!


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