Could there be undiscovered mythical deep sea species down in the sea?

Five Deep sea species have been found in waters off Greenland,Greenland, a faraway island in the northern area of Europe, has become a great appeal to many fishermen.they are the most rare mythical underwater creatures that has been recently discovered.According to a latest scientific research carried out by a group of biologists, due to deep sea fishing and global warming, large number of new creepy underwater creatures appear underwater. Deep sea species, however, you may never hear before and they are as follows:


  1. Angler fish

“Long head dreamer”, as one of deep sea fish species, looks very scary just like alien animals from outer space. As a matter of fact, it is about 17cm and said to be one of 38 alien deep sea species discovered in near water of Greenland. Where do angler fish live? Usually, it lives in tropic and subtropical deep waters. And therefore, this discovery makes big breakthrough among deep ocean exploration.


  1. Catshark

This scientific expedition also finds deep sea shark species, for instance, Iceland catshark explored around the waters of Greenland. Don’t be panic! Never imagine that you If you are scuba diving with great white sharks swimming around you, what can you do? There are facts cat sharks don’t show you. Because this kind of small spotted catshark only feeds on crustacean food such as lobster, shrimp and crab.


  1. Atlantic football fish

Since the year of 1992, some strange underwater creatures have been caught from waters of Greenland. It is Atlantic football fish. Football fish belongs to one of deep ocean species and it is also a special family member of angler fish. Angler fish reproduction sounds extremely special, because the male angler fish is attached to female angler fish, which offers a comfortable place to mate.


  1. Portuguese dogfish

Portuguese dogfish has been listed endangered underwater sea life by International Union for Conservation of Nature. Researchers make comments that this fish is never found in waters of Greenland and this is treated as one of the most significant discoveries. Portuguese dogfish often inhabits in the southern area of the West Atlantic. In commercial fishery industry, this fish is only caught by accident. Unluckily, some fish are made cod-liver oil after being captured.


  1. Melanocetus johnsonii

It is a kind of fish with horrible appearance which looks like a monster. What is most astounding is that it features a large jaw known as “devil". What’s more, this kind of fish is edible and the its meat is abundant in gum. Apart from this feature, the fish is armed with a delicious liver and is called “foie gras in the sea”.


New underwater sea creatures may be explored by lot of deep sea explorers and deep ocean aficionados, which means new enlighten to the public. Today, more people are encouraged to take participate in creature diversity protection because of awareness from awaken hearts.


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