100 Million Sharks Died Each Year!

What can you think of when it comes to sharks die? A large number of people associate them with blood and aggressiveness, greatly frightened all of sudden. However, there are a set of numbers completely challenging your thoughts: six and a hundred million. Six people are killed by sharks but a hundred million sharks died out of humans. Yes, one hundred sharks died every year. Now, do you worry about sharks die? Shark is one of the endangered ocean species within Ocean Conservancy. sharks die lead to environmental threats ocean.


Canadian scientists find that many sharks die each year and one hundred million sharks are killed, but it is actually conservative number and can reach up to 273 million. Sharks family are under unprecedented threat now. Because sharks die and you never know they play important role in large marine ecosystem. Those who know history of underwater exploration tell us sharks are indeed not invasive! What three unknown great white sharks information you don’t know?


If you know sharks diet facts, there are sharks information need to be revealed that most of them feed on plankton and small majority of them eat small ocean animals. The cruel and bloody sharks pictures appear on the movie are just bravado. Where do sharks live? Below dozens of meters or hundred meters underwater. And some warm waters.


"From a species biological point of view, the number of sharks killed each year is way too high," said biologist Boris worm, who led the study. The team thinks the number could be as high as 273 million. As early as 2010, officials of the international trade in endangered species denied the significance of shark protection. But a United Nations panel of experts recommended a meeting in Bangkok earlier this year to protect sharks from indiscriminate hunting.


Sharks are being hunted in large numbers because demand for shark fin soup, a "delicacy" that was popular in parts of Asia in the 1990s and made into expensive caviar, sells for $100 a bowl, according to some reports.

 How do sharks die naturally? Actually, we never ask this question. We ask what would happen if sharks died out? Why is marine conservation research so important? Ocean, bearing underwater sea creatures, known to account for 71 of the earth. There is no doubt that importance of marine conservation has already aroused awareness of the public.


The existence of Marine life systems depends on a balanced ecological chain, and this ecological balance is more delicate than anyone can imagine. The decline of sharks in the northwest Atlantic has led to a rise in several other fish species, leading to a decline in aquatic animals such as scallops and clams, according to research. At the same time, the water quality has also declined.

"Sharks are at the top of the chain of Marine life. They tend to eat the fish that are the least viable. This helps to improve the genes of the fish and is conducive to the healthy development of the population.

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