What are some tips for getting started at underwater photography?

You gonna never miss some unknown underwater photography tips for your anticipated exciting and beautiful pictures.

underwater-photography-tipsFor those who love taking photography, traditional ways have been out of date. Yes! You hear it! Because new photography experience has seen explosion of underwater ocean photography and a large number of photography lovers begin to seek through the deep sea world to find some fabulous underwater pictures for better attraction on social media. Here some underwater photography tips for beginners photography or experts, and these underwater photography guides enable them to have a memorable trip to take images of deep sea species, of course, if you are lucky enough, you may see big turtle even shark!


  • Wait! Keep in mind that safety always comes first.
  • Beginner photography guide. For those who play underwater photography, the most important thing is to hold the underwater photography equipment stably in hand so that it does not float with the water, and thus they can be as comfortable with the land. However, if you are just snorkeling, it’s okay to say it, but when you go to the Great Barrier Reef where you’re wearing heavy a scuba dive gear and catching cute corals, you can only hit the big waves.
  • Choose appropriate shooting time
    When you go on an underwater photography, shooting time is definitely a significant step before photography. Generally, the best shooting time for shooting underwater photos is around noon. When the sun is at the top and the sun shines almost vertically on the water, congratulations! you seize the best time to add natural light without manual light supplement. Because there is very little reflection, and the light in the water is strong enough to satisfy the exposure conditions.
  • Close to the object
    You gotta close the camera to the object if you wanna see the unseen wildlife creatures such as shark, jellyfish, dolphin, whale, octopus and so on. Even though there are plankton or suspended particles in the semitransparent water, the further away from the object, the poorer sharpness of the photograph. Therefore, you need try to use a wide-angle lens to shoot the object to get the best light source and color reflection effect. A sweetheart wildlife photography tip for those beginners: Everything begins with slow motion. Compared to air and water, the resistance becomes large obstacle. Slow activity turns out to be the most effective for saving gas, reduce the level of scary creatures coming tgether, preserve the natural form of the deep underwater sea creatures, and make it easier to access the main marine.
  • Underwater photography equipment you cannot miss.


  • Always remember that you can use two kinds of equipment: one is a normal camera mounted in a waterproof housing, the other is a digital SLR which must be equipped with a waterproof suit and external flash. Never think that SLR is right, and sometimes you can catch confounded underwater images of portrait, put them on facebook and unexpectedly get appeals from celebrities and get more likes,follows or share from social media and then become valuable influence. For SLR, if you are so persistent, you must earnestly figure out what kind of underwater aperture and shutter are best suitable. Let's talk about the camera. In general, underwater photographs, especially portraits photography, are very much in pursuit of “cutty”, so many times I recommend buying a better fish-eye lens. Here some portraits photography tips: If it’s a big scene, like many fishes around a person, then you need to offset the distortion of the water itself which is called a “fast elimination distortion lens”. Many times those scenes with a focal length of less than 24mm are absolutely not acceptable. For short and superb objects, 60-105 is enough for your portraits photography.


Above underwater photography tips for you may not one hundred percent satisfy you. You also may look through the internet to arm yourself with perfect underwater photography tips to prepare for your freshman experiences. Never mind, if you wanna invite some beauties (just imagine you gonna get super fans to follow you) to be your underwater models, it is undoubtedly that your underwater photography will yield extraordinary results. This tip is only for those beauty lovers!

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