Look for an underwater drones that can fly- Nemo?

Want to spot a big shark? underwater drone kit feasts your eyes on a new deep ocean exploration ? is there an mythical underwater drones that can fly like a fish ?is it dream for your as a common consumer ?

Have you ever read one of the most fantastic novels called 2000 Leagues Under the Sea?

Have you ever saw the exotic marine creepy underwater creatures in your dreams?

Have you ever tried to take an deep sea fishing trips with your beloved one?


Nemo, a personal underwater drone kit ROV lunched by Aquarobotman , may help you with your deep ocean exploration and bring you breath-taking best camera underwater photography experience. Let’s discover what does this underwater drones that can fly  like a fish underwater.


You gotta see it! You gotta see it! You gotta see it! (You gonna never miss it!)Of course, you may luckily see a weird animals videos like killer whale or big shark in the sea and take a underwater camera video or best underwater photography of it. Nemo assuredly works very well for you and becomes your cool underwater drone kit for underwater world images. You must have various expectations about the scary and mythical underwater creatures, because human beings are born close to mother nature. Now the latest underwater rov kits technology even helps you to catch weird animals videos for a glimpse of a killer shark, or make more oceans research if you are expert contribute to deep ocean exploration. do you want to take a further look at this underwater drones that can fly like to big fish underwater ?


You gonna watch the most exotic and real-time scenery in the sea on your phone?

You gonna capture and enjoy deep sea fishing videos with HD camera?

You gonna experience underwater archaeological activities?

Don’t worry! There are lots of fantasies out there waiting for you! You have no idea what you gonna underwater drone video with this underwater robot kit. New technology provides you


new chances to deep ocean world exploration and thus your life is full of possibilities. Just like a big shark pops out before you!

 “Nemo wants you to explore the ocean rather than the skies.” Said by Craig Grannell, one of the best writer on Stuff, which is the world’s best-selling gadget magazine. You may want to ask, what’s Nemo? This is underwater drones that can fly under sea created by a young tech team from Aquarobotman.

underwater drone sale

we had spent past 3 years on Nemo underwater drone. Our first prototype is a 3-thruster version. During the prototype testing, we found 3-thruster system couldn’t maintain a perfect stability underwater. So we decided to add an extra thruster in the vertical direction. Using the CAE computer technology, we demonstrate the underwater movement of Nemo 2.0 and find 4-thruster system can provide perfect stability underwater.


Nemo is capable of diving up to 100 meters (328ft) deep allowing you to capture Ultra HD 4K quality photo and video. You can explore the underwater world, even without physically jumping into the sea. Its feature design as below.

UHD 4K Camera:Amazing video quality.Never miss the detail of the underwaer file or the incredible action.


Immersive Experience: With VR goggles, you will see what Nemo sees while flying underwater like a fish.

Immediate Social Media Sharing:Save the real-time video on your phone and share the incredible experience with your social network anytime you like.

Longer Diving Hours:Nemo is world's first underwater drone that features a quick-change is modular batter cells and you can enjoy playing with Nemo as long as you like.


Propeller guards prevent the weeding of aquatic plants and other debris, as well as protection against strong currents strong currents and rough sea and high-temperature protection systems against hardware circuits in the event of extremes.


Protective pylon at the bottom, which can provide physical protection to the whole machine in a complex environment of water.

Powerful LED lighting ramps up the picture quality underwater, while presumably temporarily blinding fish and making them amusingly bump into each other for some YouTube gold.

Nemo as underwater drones that can fly underwater like fish had apply in massive area, such as sea world travel, underwater ocean photography, ocean animal videos, deep sea explorer, deep sea fishing gear, deep sea fishing videos, yachting sail, Aquaculture and so on.


Many SOS in sea and wreck search like Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 (MH370/MAS370) and any other history deep sea exploration, if they are early found and used in this area, maybe there are smaller lost. if you take care about events of chasing corals hot report in 2017,you may find it is great help for this lovers who support in chasing corals. As the corals become die because of the Increased ocean temperature. let is wake us more people to save for the ocean, save for corals underwater. They are so beautiful and food source of all of the ocean life.

Nemo has gotten good reputation since its underwater drones sale on line ,many of the underwater drone kit lover and social media report it increasingly for the powerful function and good feedback of our customers. there are some links from customers' feedback you can reference for underwater drone reviews. we continue to update more news in our blog.



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