Ultra-Stable Shooting Underwater Kicks Your Footage to Next Level

Afraid of shaky movements underwater? Most underwater photographers may get bothered when they try their best to stabilize the camera underwater. Because you got to overcome flowing water around you. However, Nemo underwater drone here, as an innovative way of underwater photography, greatly helps you to enjoy ultra-stable pictures or video clips.

All you have to do is just stand offshore and control your APP on phone and tablet. Ever since you have this one, less suffering from frequent shake will satisfy your basic needs. Now it is time to show you how does this work.

The Nemo underwater drone is designed with the 4-thruster system, which makes it very stable underwater. Additionally, the special control system including a dynamic algorithm enables this drone to keep itself into steady state automatically. That’s exactly how does this drone work.

Sometimes you might want more various shots and thus, you need to move while taking videos and pictures. This drone can demonstrate it up and down, right and left, forward and backward, and pitch. All-around postures are easily realized through your APP interface. If it becomes dark, adjust the light and 2 double fill lights immediately light up space. And then, this drone will kick your shooting footage fantastically with 150°wide angle. At last, just glue the story together and edit what you want to focus on.

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