Want to watch Big Shark? Nemo Underwater Drone really makes it

In recent years, drones have gone viral among gadget enthusiasts. A must for every geek guy who is deeply obsessed with electronic devices. Because it is not only a way of satisfying curiosity needs, but it is also a pursuit spirit of unknown things on the island.

Still, a lot more are waiting there for outdoor aficionados. Ocean, by which apparently 70% of the earth is covered, of course becomes a mystery in the history of human beings. Underwater drone like Nemo developed by Aquarobotman has been greatly expanded to daily life now. Without getting your feet wet, underwater marine life can be easily and pleasantly observed on the shore.

For those who are not accessible to ocean or lake, Nemo underwater drone is a good helper for them to watch what happens underwater such as how manta ray flies at night in the Hawaii ocean area, how manatees play in Florida beaches, some other unique underwater creatures and so on. High-definition 4k/30fps snapshot and video can be recorded when users operate it on the shore. This is a different way of underwater photography for beginners and pros.

When it dives underwater, the Nemo underwater drone demonstrates extremely stability. Because the Nemo has been kitted out with five-bladed propellers and an arrangement of four thrusters-two set horizontally and two vertically. QAS-Balance patent is just perfectly shown in this configuration, which becomes a particular bonus when this drone captures footage underwater. If it comes across the dark corner, Nemo underwater drone provides power to brighten up with a pair of LED modules. Even if at night, users are still able to watch unknown and unexpected pictures.

So don’t worry about sharks may slip away quickly, just grab a Nemo underwater drone to capture really thrilling pictures. As some underwater photographer says “I try to stay positive and show to the world that there's still hope, and many places on earth remain stunningly beautiful, being the main reason we need to fight for it', Nemo really makes it!

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