How do filmmakers shoot scenes where characters are underwater?

Many people want to try underwater shoot, but they don't have great nerves to do it. Because most of them worry about their poor swimming skills and think that they can't make “blockbuster underwater photographs ". But in fact, they have little understanding of underwater photoshoot. 10,000 people have in mind 10,000 hypothesized underwater shoot. Today let us reveal the daily work of best underwater photographers, to see what they have done special preparation for underwater photography?


Compared with seaside photography, the focus of underwater photography is that the photographer should have certain swimming and snorkeling techniques, which can help to control the buoyancy of the body in the case of underwater weightlessness, and calmly and professionally guide the model to hold the expression and breath. At the same time, equipment should be fully waterproof type and professional waterproof protection, so in the preparation of shooting equipment, like cameras of underwater photography is also a large investment.


Firstly, for photographers, they need to choose the right time and place. When choosing a place to shoot, the budget of the shoot and the model's own situation should be given priority. In recent years, with the popularity of travel photography, many young people are more and more accepting of the new playing method with girlfriends underwater or wedding underwater photos.


What kind of water does a photographer choose? The water is permeable, and the ocean floor is full of brightly colored plankton (by the way, when you come across plankton, there are three types of marine algae you need to know, It's nice to shoot in a shallow, safe area with clean water (coastal tourist cities have plenty of best scuba diving places areas). However, the sea will absorb various colors, the less light, the deeper the bottom, so the shallow water area with enough light is still the suitable place, and the shooting time is best set at noon. Because at this time, the sunlight is the strongest, the sunlight refracted into the water bottom is also stronger, when the film rate is high. If you are a freshman, what are some tips for getting started at underwater photography? You can refer to Aquarobotman’s blogs.


With the popularity of extreme sports, more and more young people like to record the participation process. Snorkeling underwater shoot is an emerging trend shooting field. Compared with the photography on the beach, seaside and other water surface, the subsurface photography has more novel and mysterious feeling to capture the mythical underwater creatures , which combines the characteristics of underwater world and gentle portrait, and many people are eager to have a try. And thus, many underwater point shoot digital cameras come to pop out and offer different choices to the public.


Therefore, the most basic and reliable underwater photographic equipment should be the three-proofing camera. Compared with the expensive waterproof kit, the three-proofing camera has high cost performance and can provide all-round protection for the camera. Moreover, as the living space of the card machine becomes smaller, the function of characteristic models (such as the protective camera) will become more and more powerful. The current price of this camera is around one or 300 USD, which is attractive to friends who like to play extreme sports.


Underwater shoot has been around these years. Because many people would like to try new things and share their underwater pics and amazing sea animal videos on the social media. Underwater photographers often cooperate well with their models, and try to bring the best in themselves. For those who want to record dynamic sciences, underwater video cameras are of course the best choice for them. Underwater shoot has never been an exclusive right to professional photographer but a popular way of entertainment in recent years. If you really want to take beautiful pictures and be a great talented photographer, just never give up underwater shoot and one day you also can be a notch top photographer. Maybe you can use an underwater drones that can fly Nemo, to assist you with more pics underwater without fearing from deep sea.

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