What do I need to know before I try freediving?

In the past, freediving is comparatively a technique to be applied to fishery. With X-ports going on viral, freediving gets popular around the world. Because human beings gradually realize that dipping into underwater world and exploring the deep unknown help to define themselves and know what they can really do. What benefits deep sea exploration you don’t know? When you learn more about freediving, it may give you many hints to figure out what the ocean true looks like.


In the primary activities about freediving, human beings just get into water for food. However, modern freediving, more specifically put out, can be called freediving with holding breath. In the history of freediving, the free diving record time differs in many aspects. 4 minutes are just enough for freediving lovers, because it can keep you from dangers of freediving. The current longest freediving record time is 11 minutes and 35 seconds (no prior pure oxygen inhalation) and a depth of 128 meters (no devices other than weight belt and fins). Other than the record time, freediving world records still show amazing results for us. The world record freediving depth reaches 214m by an Australian.


For divers, they don’t need many scuba diving gear, free diving gears just include scuba diving mask, fin, snorkel, wetsuit, weight belt, nose clip, freediving computer and lanyard. And there are some basics for free diving you need to know.

The heart rate naturally slows down in water, and blood is redistributed through the dilation and contraction of blood vessels, leaving oxygen-rich blood to organs (such as the brain). What’s more, the lung cavity will be appropriately filled with blood to counter external water pressure. One of the differences between free diving and scuba diving is that it requires more energy than just underwater sightseeing, so frequent free diving practice is necessary.


You should have a good overall level of fitness and no heart issues if you start freediving. Holding you back from a 4 minutes static is the mental challenge. What you need to do is getting used to high CO2 levels and low O2 levels.

More importantly, you need to get used to listening to your heartbeat. Calming down, clearing your mind, and your breath holds will be longer and more relaxing. At the beginning, it is probably more important than the physical training. You can learn freediving benefits from your repeated training. When you someday really dive in water, you have chances to watch underwater sea creatures like goliath grouper fish and even giant manta ray fish. At this time, you may want to record your brave and different in yourself. Just find Nemo underwater drone to realize your small wish.


There are also many risks of freediving. A common dangerous symptom that free divers may experience is Lost of Motivation Control, especially they hold their breath for a long time. Remember that never freediving alone!If you want to learn free diving lessons, you can join the local club or turn to experienced divers for advice. Now, many freediving competitions are fiercely popularized by X-sports lovers. These competitors would like to develop their potentials. Because we are born with water adjustment. Blue Hole, one of the best places to learn freediving, may satisfy your dream to freediving. Freediving with Nemo, underwater drones that can fly underwater world, can bring you more delightful experience. This underwater drone helps to detect dangers when you go on freediving.


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