If you are scuba diving with great white sharks swimming around you, what can you do?

Most of you must have seen the Jaws, a very thrilling movie directed by Steven Spielberg in the year of 1975, and until now nightmares may often appear in your dreams. The huge sharks frighten you so much that any close watch even scuba diving with sharks almost become taboos for you. The very truth, however, do you really get the slightest idea about shark? For those people who have scuba diving experience or with scuba diving careers, sharks are never strange and not what you used to believe.


Whale shark, for tourists going on scuba diving vacation, are mild and friendly. They mainly feed on underwater sea creatures like plankton and huge seaweed or other ocean animals like shrimps and they are called large honest shark. However, other large sharks like big white shark, oceanic whitetip shark, bull shark, tiger shark and Orcinus orca are feral predators. Sometimes, you run into accidentally scuba dive sharks beyond your imagination. Oh my god, they are really very big! There is no time to take a careful look at them and even take pictures of them.


Sharks, whose most sensitive organs are their noses, can smell tiny substances, such as blood from miles away and trace their origins. Scientists in Japan have found that even if only 1 gram of amino acid dissolved in 10,000 tons of seawater, sharks can sense the smell and gather them together. Also,They can feel vibrations from fish or animals up to six hundred feet away in the way of mechanical sensing. So when you scuba with shark just stay where you are and let the shark go away! Because any vibration may stimulate the shark to trace you.


In common sense, except for whale sharks, other sharks prefer to eat seals, dolphins, sea turtles. Human beings with scuba diving gear are often not included in their preying list, unless they feel very hungry. But it is exceptionally unlikely. Sharks are generally curious about the surrounding and they usually get familiar with what they meet in the way of tentative bite. Some underwater photographer once got injured arms because of sharks’ up and down shaking with mouth. Luckily, no serious wound found in this photographer. How to recognize that if the shark wants to attack you? Some professional deep-sea explorers with long scuba diving careers recommend that if the shark swim in a gentle and calm manner, it is checking out whether this mythical underwater creature is preferred food. Most of time in this situation, just keep calm and wait seconds. After seconds, the shark swim away. But, if unluckily, you come across an irate shark, what can you do? You can push yourself away from the shark mouth using your hands. In 2015, a group of shark scuba diving sharks Florida made leaps out of water for hunting fish.


When you do scuba diving, remember that never colorful dress on you when no accompany with you. Because scuba diving with sharks makes you in trouble along with that situation. The majority of us treat scuba diving travel as a deep ocean exploration. Another tip for you when scuba diving with sharks: do not chase sharks for amazing underwater photography  even if they run away! wow, in this critical moment when you hunger of seizing the opportunity of fascinating videos about weird animals Orcinus orca or white sharks for take amazing underwater photography, what is the best way for you ? as if you have underwater drone like Nemo ,enable you to capture whatever wonderful image shots that you want. cool and innovation creativity underwater robot kit, portable to carry with, great for deep ocean exploration,deep blue adventures.


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