What are the characteristics of a good scuba diving instructor?

When you google scuba diving instructor on the internet, there are many questions like “What is it like to be a dive instructor?” and “What are the characteristics of a good scuba diving instructor?” Yes, if you want to go on first time scuba diving, you may wonder what kind of scuba diving instructor you want to be with. Before you start scuba diving, a lot of training centers which provide scuba dive lessons and professional masters for you. A good scuba diving instructor will yield twice the result with half the effort. Then you should know some characteristics of an excellent scuba diving instructor. Also, a good instructor is willing to be master of marine conservation. Teaching their students diving skills and marine conservation spirits are always their main jobs.


  1. Extensive Experience 

When you choose your scuba diving instructor, a person with high level of skills and diving knowledge, you need to figure it out how long has he been a scuba diving instructor and how long has he been diving. A certification warded by PADI, a professional association, which aims to offer scuba diving instructor training. These divers can dive to the maximum depth of 40 meters. And so, if you choose a certificated instructor, you can receive professional scuba diving instruction although scuba diving cost is huge.


  1. High Tolerance

Sometimes, the scuba diving beginners may make some mistakes. If the instructor is a poor teacher who is intolerant of his student's mistakes, constantly rebuking them, or do not try to understand why they have poor understanding of the command or set of scuba instructor course. The students cannot well perform their scuba diving practices. A good teacher with high tolerance, a great quality for diving instructors to have, will try to understand students fears and put them at rest. Step by step, they can build up confidence of students. When students complete training, they will reflect compassion rather than the opposite when dealing with less experienced divers. Through this way of teaching, more benefits of deep sea exploration can be advocated.


  1. Good Communication

Because of poor communication or something else, the instructor may belittle you at every opportunity. Under such circumstances, you may feel tired of them and would not like to get into water. A good instructor will listen to you and answer every simple question with great patience. You may wonder does he explain the dive site and hazards clearly, of course, a good communication needs to convey the major issues. Only if you receive clear instruction from the instructor, can you make less mistakes and learn better. Before every procedure, clear interpretation is a significant step,especially for first time scuba diving.


  1. Great Carefulness

As an instructor, you have the responsibility of someone else's life in your hands. You are cautious and know the limits of their trainees and don't push them too far or ask them to do needlessly risk stuff. There is someone who likes to play hazardous practical jokes on inexperienced divers underwater, that's indeed dangerous. If the instructor watches his student doing something hazardous, stops him instantly- and warns him not to do it again. in order to avoid more dangers during scuba diving life, if there is more high-tech equipment to monitor unknown underwater world like Nemo underwater drone, more easy to escape from dangerous scuba diving.


According to some scuba diving instructor, being a scuba diving instructor is nerve wracking, intimidating and scary. Because she or he has a life in hand. Sometimes it is fantastic! As a professional instructor obtaining scuba instructor training, he or she opens a new door to someone who have itches to explore a completely different world. Instructors   take newbies into an amazing environment. They may have chances to witness exotic underwater sea creatures and the most interesting true facts about cuttlefish, which helping them to accomplish deep sea exploration goals. And this is where a scuba diving instructor’s passion come from.

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