How do I choose the best scuba diving gear?

When you have made determination to go on scuba diving, there are a lot of detailed choices you need to finish. Because scuba diving gear always comes first before you take plunge into water. How do you choose the best scuba diving gear? Many suggestions on website or offered by your friends often gives overwhelming information on scuba dive gear for beginners. Please bear in mind that mask, air tube, scuba diving fins and diving suits are basic four scuba diving gears for scuba diving snorkel. Scuba diving, however, intended for sophisticated divers, needs other matched required best scuba diving equipment.


1.Scuba diving dry suits & wet suits

Keeping comfort and warm underwater is always very important to deep ocean exploration. What if I feel cold? What if I got bitten? What if…you may put forward a list of questions. When wearing performing-well scuba diving suits, you are going to experience very delightful scuba diving travel.


In most of scuba diving underwater environment, human body, to some degree, needs thermal protection in case of heat outflow. If you stay in warm water about 25 ℃, 1-3 mm wet suit is enough to keep your body temperature. If you happen to sail Croatia islands in summer, the Mediterranean warm water enables you to choose 3-5 mm one-piece wetsuit; In winter, however, 5-8 mm wet suit is appropriate choice. When you dive in water below 10℃, dry suit is a must without question.


  1. Buoyancy Control Devices (BCD)
    What is BCD? You may usually hear this term from diving instructor. Unlike fish, human being can’t adapt buoyancy underwater at his will. Divers take advantage of BCD to control their buoyancy underwater and surface around water. BC is an exhaust and air inflation jacket, which means increase and decrease of buoyance.

For beginners, BCD which is often shaped like vest or shoulder gridle quick-release are recommended. Some underwater photography and adventurous lovers may prefer twin cylinders-wing to serve as better photography shooting. Each BCD usually specifically illustrates the maximum buoyancy and air capacity. Before you purchase BCD, please take careful look at these parameters.

  1. Scuba diving regulators

What does the regulator work on? It provides different air according to different depth you are located. Here are two kinds of regulators. The first-stage regulator is mainly considered when deep scuba diving and diving in cold water. But for the second-stage regulator, it helps you comfortable breathing in different environment.


  1. Scuba diving gauges

When scuba diving, some necessary tools assist you with checking duration of stay. How much does the air leave in the cylinder? The gas-pressure meter connected with the first-stage regulator shows the air volume. Additionally, depth gauge and scuba diving compass often function together with this device.


  1. Scuba diving computers

The computer offers a series of referred information for divers and send off alarm when emergency happens. Specifically speaking, the computer supervises dive depth and time, of which divers can get details and safe instructions. Say how long you can stay and how fast you can come up. After finishing scuba diving, you can look over all data during diving and write diving logs. The most common computer is probably standard wrist scuba diving watch customized for the public.


  1. Scuba diving lights

It is very important to carry a light when night diving or poor sight in front of you. If you accidentally explore caves, high-brightness large light is never a bad choice. Another hand-held and portable light also suits for ordinary diving activities and become one of first choices among divers.


  1. Scuba diving tank (scuba diving cylinders)

Tank is divided into steel and alumni two kinds of types based on manufacture materials. The steel tank is heavy but easily corroded by seawater. However, the alumni one comparatively is light but gets more damages.


  1. Surface marker buoys

No matter what kind of SMB, high-definition color always captures your eyes. You will see yellow and orange on the surface. Delayed surface marker buoy is used when diving travel accomplishes and emergency appears. Another fixed one is applied to monitor where divers are positioned.


  1. Scuba diving knives

This is might one you only use once that can save your life. Integrated and small knife with titanium alloy material can be easily taken out of belt.

  1. Scuba diving gear bags

When purchasing a bag, you need to make sure that it is firm enough and the hand shank part won’t get rusted. What’s more, safety is another essential factor that you should take into consideration. You’d better choose a rigid or semi-rigid bag.


Some of you may choose to rent used scuba diving gear after stepping into equipment store. Some other might select scuba diving gear packages for better diving experience. Some scuba diving gear mentioned above are just shown for anyone who determines to scuba dive. Don’t hesitate, just come with us Nemo-underwater drone that can fly and enjoy underwater world!

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