What kind of great barrier reef tourism you never lose?

One of the most beautiful "decorations" on earth? Yes, The Great Barrier Reef Australia gets such fame. For the sake of watching glamorous scenery and enjoy islands culture, great barrier reef tourism has become a prevailing trend around the world. Where the great barrier reef is located? East coast of Queensland, northeast Australia.


It is like a pearl shining with the blue, indigo, blue and pure white light and can even be observed clearly on the moon. There is no doubt that great barrier reef attractions are full of the whole area. Because the Great Barrier Reef consists of 3,000 different stages of coral reefs, coral islands, sandbanks and lagoons. The world's most beautiful and largest coral reef group covers a total area of 207,000 square kilometers. As a matter of fact, there are facts great barrier reef you may don’t know.


  1. Colorful Great Barrier Reef Coral

Some of documentary lovers must have seen the popular chasing coral review and huge curiosity has been aroused inside. So, the great barrier reef coral enough feasts your eyes. The Great Barrier Reef is made up of more than 400 colorful corals in various shapes and forms. Most of the reef barrier reef is submerged in water and the reef top is slightly exposed at low tide. From above, the cay shines like emerald, while the looming reef tops like bright flowers bloom on the sea.


  1. Underwater Sea Creatures Life

Every year from July to September, endangered humpback whales appear in the southern part of coral islands. They are about 15 meters long and weigh more than 40 tones. What’s more, you may wonder where manatees are found and see large numbers of manatees here,What is the benefit to make Manatees research? in the great reef coral. Unlike other underwater sea creatures, they are the only ones that live on plants.


Additionally, from October to march, the turtles arrive to lay their eggs on Raine island, a major breeding ground for them that is now near extinction. Except that, about 1,500 species of tropical marine fish live in the great barrier reef and it can be called fish great barrier reef.


  1. Great barrier reef scuba diving

Hastings Reef, one of great barrier reef resorts, was the place where the great barrier Reef began to grow 15,000 years ago. Due to the Pacific Ocean currents, the blenching degree of Hastings Reef is quite low and the ecosystem is complete. At a depth of about 20 meters, colorful corals are at the top of reef rocks, and reef rocks below 5 meters are as mysterious as caves. Sea star and other creatures can be seen by great barrier reef snorkeling or diving deep. you can even enjoy the fascinating visual underwater photography on your luxury yachting if owns Nemo underwater drone, which can fry underwater like a fish.share the magic of the sea bottom with your friend by just one click on app while appreciating  the sea scenery.




4. The best job in the world

Have you ever heard about the best job? It may never occur to your mind that when you travel great barrier reef, while a great job can be offered. Can you imagine that all you need to do is to write great barrier reef articles and go on simple great barrier reef diving. And finally pictures great barrier reef have shown on social media. When you post information great barrier reef has offered for your work, a sense of achievement pops out inside of you.


Today, outbound tourism has gone on viral. When you google map great barrier reef and cities near great barrier reef, visiting great barrier reef is usually recommended by some celebrity on Internet and the great barrier reef tourism has been top priority for those who want to experience newfangled underwater world. However, in the 20th century, the Great Barrier Reef has been scarred by the exploitation of bird droppings, the massive trade in sea cucumbers and the catch of mother-of-pearl by fishing whales. When appreciating big great barrier reef, protection awareness needs to be promoted and united efforts should be made.


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