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Nobody will refuse or hate diving into wreck, because it has become one of major reasons for ocean explorers to take participate in diving sports. Diving into wreck adds archaeological element to history of underwater exploration, which makes deep sea exploration more interesting and mysterious. Wrecks underwater, mainly focuses on shipwrecks and other cars, plans, sculpture and architecture are also been included. In some countries without corals, diving into wreck to some extent gets more prevailing. Deep sea wreck diving is one of technical scuba diving. Because wreck dive needs some special skills to implement. Here are some best places to wreck dive for you if you google shipwreck location maps.


  1. Name:S.S. Kittiwake

Location:Cayman Islands

Recommend Reason: shallow water and simple

There is no doubt that U.S.S. Kittiwake is the best choice for first scuba wreck diving, just lie down and enjoy your diving fun. In the year of 1945, U.S.S. Kittiwake began to launch. As for the most glorious thing, it found the black box after Challenge exploded on 1st January, 1986. In 2011, this abandoned vessel was sunk into Seven Miles Beach on Cayman Islands, which becomes an important scenic spots in local ocean park.


Before the ship sank, the doors of the 76.5-meter-long ship had been largely opened, so that each cabin has an exit, for the purpose of people "ship wreck diving"! But only if you have wreck diving certification can you enter the ship's five open spaces: rudder cabin, central cabin, and pressurized cabin.


Why is this place the best place wreck dive for beginners? Because it's really shallow. The highest point of the wreck is about 4.5 meters from the surface, while the deepest point is only 20 meters. Just look at how bright the water is.


  1. Name:S. President Coolidge


Recommend reason: large and complete wrecks

The warship, built in 1931 after the Second World War, sank to the ocean floor in the 1980s, becoming a popular place for shipwreckers. It is said to be nearly 200 meters long and has been named by time magazine as one of the world's greatest wreck-diving sites, and this is amazing facts about underwater exploration.


From his charts, we can look at the intricate structure of a sunken ship. And because of that, the warship is available to divers of all levels. But for junior divers, a dive depth of about 20 meters is the best option.


There is much to explore in this warship. Unlike U.S.S. Kittiwake, everything in here is the real thing. There were guns and cannon.

And, of course, one of the most famous ornaments on the ship that had to be visited is this Elizabethan ceramic sculpture. After a long time of water invasion, they are still glorious. What amazing craftsmanship! Just keep it in mind that never touch and scrape.

  1. Name:S.N.S. General Hoyt S. Vandenberg

Location:Florida Sea

Recommend reason: The coolest exhibition area

This vessel launched in 1958 and retired in 1983, but was exploded in 2009 in Florida Sea Area, which makes itself fish habitat to expand fishing industry.


Since it is a missile range survey ship, large radar and detection equipment become her signature. As a result, the 158-meter-deep wreckage is the only remaining radar pot in the world, attracting many divers for Florida wreck diving.

For the veteran, the most challenging thing is to randomly select one of the thirteen entry points of the hull shaft to explore. For the novice, a free fall close to the hull is the best option.

But the wreck attracted both diving enthusiasts and artists. In 2011, Austrian artist Frank held an art exhibition at The wreck of The Vandenberg: Life Below The surface. Want to attend? You have to take your lungs with you to dive to watch the exhibition.


Mr. Frank had divers use 12 powerful magnets to attach digital surrealist photographs of the ship's side 93 feet long, encased in 3mm plexiglas, framed in stainless steel and sealed with silicone. And what are these paintings actually about? Lucky enough, you can take some fabulous pictures and you can understand how do filmmakers shoot scenes underwater. And What are some tips for getting started at underwater photography if you really want to do that? 

These diving into wreck offers a lot of benefits deep sea exploration. However, these wrecks diving destinations belong to historical sites and should be respected by divers. Now, most of the ship wrecks are made of metal materials. But some wooden material ships can be stored completely and divers have to take extra care because of fragile structure. If you want to experience the best wreck dives, just please attach much importance to protection of ship wrecks. For diving into wreck, not only do you have feast with archaeological sceneries but also bear in mind that protection always comes first.

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