What is it like to go on first time scuba diving?

With the development of diversity on X-sports, scuba diving has been favorites for many people. When you would like to go out and find some interesting things, scuba diving is never a bad idea. Some sophisticated divers prefer to adventurous diving destination, you can refer to Never miss selected best five scuba diving places for you! But for those who go on first time scuba diving, they may get less knowledge of scuba diving information. When they carry out first time scuba diving, it is always an unforgettable and awkward experience.


Here are some scuba diving tips for beginners and they may be useful for scuba diving beginners. First things first, if you want to do first time scuba diving experience only, scuba diving basics need to be familiar to you and then do the dive along with a certified scuba diving instructor. But if you want to be a certificated diver, undergoing a training for scuba diving is a necessary. PADI, the most famous professional association of diving, is just a good choice for those who want to be certificated divers, because it can offer you scuba diving classes. After they obtain the open water dive certificate, 18 meters underwater can be accessible with another qualified diver. 


  1. Practice in a pool makes perfect.

A swimming pool may perfectly fit you. First you need to spend some time in a pool with a professional instructor, at somewhere between 1.5 to 2.5 meters depth, looking around through your mask and breathing through a regulator. Once you have proven to your dive instructor that you're not going to immediately drown, he will take you to a larger body of water. After repeated practice, the dive instructor selects as safe a destination as possible. Clear visibility, minimal current, shallow sandy bottom, and close to rescue are the major criteria. This is always the first step to learn scuba dive. This is very similar to freediving at first time, you can also refer to What do I need to know before I try freediving? get more scuba diving courses on video tutorial from experience diving instructor. Nemo underwater drone is a good tool for video tutorial record of the scuba diving instructor training. it can clearly record the courses process.


  1. Get familiar with your gear

Your instructor will teach you how to understand the gear: dip your head under water, breathe through the scuba diving gear, and learn more about the usual hand-signals in diving. After that, your instructor will tie weights to your body depending on the weight of your body. As your body gets accustomed and you get comfortable adjusting the pressure of your body, your instructor will take you deeper into the sea. He will take charge of all the controls on your gears, and as soon as you signal to him that you want to go back up, he will ensure this is done. If you want to know how to choose best scuba diving gear, you need to know your body better first.


  1. First time scuba diving

It is time for newbies go into the real ocean. when they get into the water, guess what may happen? They usually float in a whirlwind of activity, sucking their air tank dry, doggy paddling, gazing in wonder at various random fish. Because even the simplest nondescript silvery fish somehow takes on indescribable beauty when seen for the first time in its natural environment.


Among above scuba diving tips for you, the very thing you need to overcome is anxiety as first time scuba diving freshman. Some professional diver once said: When I was a beginner diver, the most anxiety I felt was the preparation period on the boat. Yes, opportunities are only for prepared people. No matter what times you have dived, you need to remember like first time scuba diving. Although, first time scuba diving for you is not a perfect one, but it really helps you to understand the charm of scuba diving and why scuba dive appeals so many people.


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