Do you know the importance of dive buddies?

Why is it important to have a dive buddy? Those who have many years of scuba diving experience, they pay much attention to dive buddies. Because they know diving buddies may save life at a critical moment. If there's an emergency, dive buddies can also give emergent assistance, even though they have been qualified to dive in different waters. Here is a question for you guys: Do they still fulfill these rules while enjoying the magnificent scenery of the deep sea? Do you pay him back by carefulness and sharing when it comes to tender and considerate potential diving buddies? Apart from four tips for first time scuba divers, this scuba diving buddy system also plays a significant role in your solo diving.


Before diving, how to choose the best diving gear? Your diving buddies may help to pick the best. And they also assist with you to wear and check equipment, determine the location and techniques of water effluent and entry, as well as agreements (for example, how much gas is left determines when to rise; early gesture communication like When you depart, and couldn’t find dive buddy no more than one minute, you should rise to the surface of the water to meet or use the dive buddy locator). And you also together choose the diving route, remind each other of the depth, time, air allowance limit in the water, and diving buddy line. Underwater drone Nemo, a good helper like other diving gear can record real-time footage underwater and assure you safety.


Sometimes you may find it difficult to meet a suitable diving buddy when you participate in diving activities organized by different diving groups alone. As a matter of fact, you can still cooperate with each other through constant communication and coordination to make every dive enjoyable.


First, diving buddies can use certain criteria (such as depth, time, activity and adaptability) to work out a common pace of diving. The team's diving plan is based on the weakest diver in the team, and the fast diver slows down as much as possible to match the slow diver. In fact, you can also see more beautiful little things in the water, for example, five list of mythical sea creatures you never know.


Second, you guys can choose complementary diving activities. If you plan to go on diving, what you prepare to undergo doesn’t have to be same. What are the most important things to look for in a scuba diving location? Divers who simply appreciate the beauty of the sea and divers who take photos in the water can be a good match. In addition, this compatibility also involves diving skills, and you may be good at navigating underwater, while another person has a very rich knowledge of underwater organisms. As your roles can complement each other, you can achieve the best diving benefits.


Moreover, another diving buddy system by establishing a cooperative plan together, effective communication, potential diving buddies take complementary roles of leadership and following. One person doesn’t have to play a leading role in the whole process of diving, whether in or out of the water. Every diver should be equal and have good cooperated relationship.


Finally, the most important thing is to improve your alertness. The more relax you dive, the more alertness you need. The key to free scuba diving is whether you can be highly alert to yourself, your equipment, surrounding and, in particular, your dive buddies. Pay attention to your partner by making eye contact with him and listening to his breathing bubbles. While appreciating the beauty of the water, don't forget to glance at your partners from time to time, or even to hold the poor state person. These tips can help you and your partners with each other and share your dive with your partner. This is one of six scuba diving benefits you never know before when go on scuba diving with singles.


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