what are some dangers of scuba diving you don’t know

For many people, scuba diving is not just a way of entertainment but a challengeable X-sport because of dangers of scuba diving. What’s more, they would purchase of insurance out of fear of scuba diving before throwing themselves into water. Only if you go on first time scuba diving, life is insurance is necessary. Life is always a matter of life and death thing when doing scuba diving. You can refer to what are the most important things to look for in a scuba diving location. After you learn more about preparations before scuba diving, some dangers of scuba diving can be avoided.


Firstly, let me tell you how many people die of scuba diving and how dangerous is scuba diving. When starting to dive, you probably rely on our scuba diving instructor, thinking that if he or she is in the water with you, nothing would happen. However, PADI's data shows that more than a dozen of the hundreds of thousands of people who go to take a license like OW/AOW every year still die in the course.


An earlier diving accident in Sydney was OW's first open water dive. The victim was an American girl and the water was only about five meters deep. Many divers in Sydney said calm currents and good visibility in the waters where the accident occurred were the most appropriate for a novice. But the girl was soon left behind and found dead under the water.


About half of all fatalities occur within 10 meters underwater. More than half of that happens at the surface. The water surface is the most dangerous place for divers.

But, if …

Although there are dangers of scuba diving, it is never late for a diver to do this: follow the basic safety recommendations provided during the entry-level training, and then there's little that can go wrong for him. Accidents only tend to happen when divers become complacent or arrogant enough to ignore the basic safety recommendations - or if they allow their core skills to perish through inattention and lack of practice. Only if they do this, can they get safety assurance to some extent safe scuba diving.


Why is scuba diving so dangerous? Because you are going to come across many problems and they are dangers of scuba diving.

  1. Breathe problems

If you are 70 feet down and get a discarded rope entangled in air tank: it is harder to untangle because you can only see little through a dive mask. And you are under a time limit before running out of air or start getting "drunk" (nitrogen narcosis, leading to more bad decisions like forgetting which way is up) or into a depth regime where I'd need a decompression chamber. If you are in the open ocean swimming back to a boat and get tired and stop to rest, the current may carry me away, which ranges from just extremely inconvenient to fatal. With proper contingency planning, the risks are acceptable.


  1. Air type

It is known to us that the air we breathe is mostly nitrogen and oxygen, and a little bit of carbon dioxide. Most recreational divers breathe compressed air, and a few highly oxygenated. Unfortunately, at high pressure, these gases become toxic air. Sometimes, we may die of it because of accident.


  1. Ear pressure balance

Most of the divers know that first time scuba diving can lead to ear pain and serious balance problems that can lead to injury to the eardrum. The pressure change cause more terrible consequence: the lung gas volume changes, commonly known as blasting lung.

Understand your capabilities and master some scuba diving tips, how important is the tips and capability with the dives you plan to undertake . This is the key to avoid dangers of scuba diving. Some divers once run into many problems if you take careful look at history of scuba diving. Although you can’t escape away from hidden dangers of scuba diving, you still need to pay attention to full preparations and extra cautions. Know yourself and don’t behave too extremely to over show. You are in the water, remember. 

While at first the rate might seem on the high side, you should take into account the extremely important factor of preventability and the immediate dangers caused by negligence or recklessness in Scuba diving. Sadly I have no numbers on the ratio of negligence to true accidental or unpreventable death ,I still think we can assume Scuba diving, you will find some scuba diving benefits after long time dive.such as meeting with mythical and cute underwater creatures you never discover before,sea plants, sea animals and other deep sea species,or scuba with sharks and so on interest facts, when respecting safety rules, is pretty safe.

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