Best Scuba Diving Question Collections

1、How to Defog a Diving Mask?
Many first scuba diving beginners would be troubled by the accumulated water vapor in diving mask. In general, it’s easily prevented. Here are some tricks about this. Some professional experience scuba diver may spit into the mask and move the saliva around on the glass. But that may not be for everyone, a small bar of soap can be used instead. Lastly, if you're willing to spend more money, most dive shops sell a liquid container that can be used instead of either saliva or hand-soap. However, no matter what you use, please ensure that you give a quick rinse after application and before entering water. Soap in eyes can easily ruin your dive.

2、Is it okay to scuba dive without certification?
In generally, Scuba diving isn’t as dangerous as many people believe, it’s only a sport with some sort of risk. A few examples:
A panicked person may remove their kits in the water. Because they believe it will keep them from breathing. This always cause a drowning.Panicked divers often tend to bolt for the surface , which puts them at risk of decompression illness.Therefore, it isn’t panic that killed people, it is the automated reactions that lead to a death. If you want to minimize your risk, sometimes, getting a scuba diving certification may be a good choice.
3、Can you image a cat scuba dive?

In Redding, California lives Hawkeye, a cat enjoys diving so much, she voluntarily does laps in the pool. Her owner is a dive enthusiast, and has spent $20,000 to customize a kitty scuba kit. So she may join the adventure with him.
4、What are some of the underwater sea creatures that have been most dangerous to scuba divers?
It depends on where you dive. Creatures that actually attack you are quite rare. Though no official mortality statistics exist, people believe jellyfish is a big risk while diving. However, most jellyfish aren’t really dangerous—especially if you wear a full wetsuit and hood. The real dangerous and  creepy underwater creatures often occur when the they believe that you’re attacking them. They may defend themselves with deadly force, just like bees.



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