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A documentary of last year went viral on the Internet! It is known as the world's highest level of natural geography documentary. Some people even watches it for 15 seconds and gives it 100 points of praise! This documentary is Blue Planet 2. This blue planet has incredible beauty, especially at the bottom of the ocean, and scuba diving gives you a chance to go on deep blue adventures and you may wonder where the best scuba diving places are.


1.Beginner: Balicasag Island, Philippines

It is the most popular place for snorkeling lovers and always a surprising dive place. What makes this island distinctive is that it is 30 meters away from shore, and then suddenly drops 150 meters, so this huge falls enables a large amount of underwater sea creatures. Locals call it the "rose" grand canyon.Through the periscope, you can see the coral shaped rose growing along the fault, and the interesting clownfish and other deep sea species, which will give you a wonderful visual experience. Whats more, chasing coral is certainly a good choice.


2.Average: Hanauma Bay, Hawaii

Hanauma Bay, a dead volcano on the ocean floor, is nicknamed horseshoe bay because one side of the crater collapses under the constant pounding of the waves and look like a horseshoe. However, Chinese tourists often name it Dinosaur Bay. From a distance it indeed looks like a dinosaur in the sea. Shallow water, small waves, plenty of fish, beautiful scenery, all kinds of natural coral reefs and tropical fish are out there waiting for you! More amazingly, you are accessible to manta ray fish if you are lucky enough!


3.Processional: Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

The Galapagos Islands, meaning "giant turtle island", is one of best scuba diving destinations around of which have been designated as the world's natural reserve. The sea creatures are hospitable and interactive, and when a cruise ship approaches, they are not afraid to swim away but scrambling to the ship. When you get ready to scuba diving with professional gears such as breathing apparatus, air tube, diving suit and underwater rov kits beneficial to underwater short film.


4.Challenging: Red Sea, Egypt

The whole Egypt embraces more than 800 kilometers red sea coast, and the red sea is one of the world's largest ecological system. Not only dose the red sea has the most beautiful world's reefs and coral reef district, but it also has advanced more than 1000 kinds of marine species resources. It is genuinely worthy of one of best scuba diving locations. When you start to dive, steep rocks come into sight, and luxuriant corals all shock your eyes. Be careful of these steep rocks!


 5. Adventurous: Truk Lagoon, Micronesia

Truk lagoon, located in the federated states of Micronesia national famous tropical paradise islands, is the famous Chuck sinking area. Diving enthusiasts can experience very cool seawater in the Pacific shark-infested waters, and Chuck ghost fleet wreck diving. This is a thrilling deep sea expedition. Today, a new ocean exploration technology called Nemo, an underwater drone that can fly helps you adventurous tour.


Here is one of special and best scuba diving places for you. If you want to watch some interesting underwater sea creatures like manatees and scuba diving with them, you can choose crystal river--scuba diving places Florida. Of course, when search for stop 10 diving destinations, these five best five scuba diving places are just selected for different diving lovers. Best scuba diving places world are looking forward to your coming!





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