How to get best bass fishing tips techniques

Large mouth, small mouth, and spotted bass are the most popular game fish in North America. It is also popular in South Africa where largemouth bass is the most commonly looked for bass, it can be found in rivers, dams or creek. Whether you are preparing for the fishing season or having a good summer night on the lake. There are some bass fishing tips can help you get what you want.


Choosing the right season after knowing the habits of Bass

A good fishing tips trick is that you should choose the right season. The two period of the year for bass fishing is early spring of the year and the fall before the winter sets come in.In the early spring, we call it “Pre-Spawn Period”. It is the best time for bass fishing, because bass are getting together into “Staging Areas”. These areas provide basic elements before bass entering spawning grounds or beds. Bass is a low temperature resistant fish species that can range from 0 to 4 ℃Survive through the winter in low temperate water. As the water temperature rises, there is an immediate demand for food. The first feeding peak really begin from end of February to end of June. After the end of June, the bass fishing day become smaller due to the high temperature and typhoon factors. From the end of August to October, they most likely to cluster for bass fishing lure, and it eats badly. Then Autumn is another peak for best bass fishing tips at season.


Bass fishing tips for locations

Bass like to feed closer to shore in the morning and move out into open water later in the day, and then they will look for shade and deeper water late in afternoon. Vegetation, rocky bottoms, shallow flats, streams and the splash of spray are great places for bass fishing.


The bass often swim closely to the reef in order to catch millipede which was fainted by the waves and easily been caught on the edge of the reef after being washed down by the waves. If the angler fishing bass with millipede as fishing lure, he must throw the bass fishing lure hooking very close to the reef, or even a few centimeters from the coral reef. This may bring a certain degree of difficulty to the angler, when fishing to control how much out of the line, and pay much attention to the depth of the terrain, shallow places to close the fishing line faster, deep places can be slightly slower. If the fishing lure is too far from the reef, there is little chance of catching the hook, which is the most important point for bass fishing tips trick.


Bass fishing tips on reel

Good bass fishing tips techniques will be your first step to success, it could be start from choosing a right bass fishing reel. You need to match your line with the diving depth, pair the correct size of fishing reel with your crankbait base on how you’re your fishing lure will run into. Remember that the slower your bass fish reel run, the deeper your fishing lure will swim while reeling fast will make your fishing lure shallow.


Generally, on beginners fishing tips, slower bass reel is much better for a novice, you need whether it's a bass fishing rod or a fishing reel, it's better to use more powerful and strong because bass is large enough and weigh heavily.

Bass fishing tips on rod

Whether you are an occasional fisher or a retired person whom fishes quite often, a good bass fishing rod always important and can make you feel comfortable. Choose a hard pole with big hook with a thick fishing thread, size of fishing hook like your index finger when you bend it. An ideal bass fishing rod is lightweight, 6.5-6.7 feet (2.0-2.1m), with a medium soft tip. And it should be sensitive, because bass will often hit the blade before it strikes. The lighter the fishing rod is, the more sensitive the fishing rod will be.


Bass fishing tips on lure

There are three different bass fishing lure that can help you in bass fishing tips techniques, plastic worms, spinner baits or crank baits, millipedes or alive shrimps are great for best bass fishing lures. They can help you at any time of the year. live shrimp or live fish are good fishing lure for bass. Just be careful with the bait and keep it as fresh as possible when crossing the back of shrimp with bass fishing tackle. Bass is easy to be attracted by live prey. Mimic fleeing or helpless prey with erratic movements, like worm, crayfish and mice, you need to constantly shake your line, look like your bait is moving around naturally.


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