You don’t have to an expert underwater drone operator ever!

Whether you're a first-time driver on an underwater drone or a drone expert looking for the ultimate high definition camera, Nemo underwater drone is still the best choice for many geeks. Easy to use and portable with only one backpack on board, anytime, you can take them wherever you're next adventure is headed.


Introducing Nemo underwater drone, the first ultra-stable underwater drone in the world. Just install Aquarobotman APP on your tablet or phone, and click the button on the home interface. Even a little kid has the privileged chance to enjoy underwater fun.

Why does the Nemo underwater drone can be controlled so easily? A Wi-Fi module on the base station reel wirelessly communicates with an iOS/Android app on the user's mobile devices, which is used to control the drone in real time. And thus, users are entitled to have more opportunities when they are inaccessible to the ocean.

Only several minutes, anyone can pick it up quickly. Compared with industrial ROV, this consumer one has a lower barrier to touch and offers a simple and realistic way to explore the deep unknown.

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