Why is marine conservation research so important?

Ocean, bearing underwater sea creatures, known to account for 71of the earth. There is no doubt that importance of marine conservation has already aroused awareness of the public. Today, many biologists and marine conservation organizations begin to work on marine conservation research and marine conservation programs, which earn environmentalists’ trust and have great effect on marine environment.


For those who are always following marine conservation research, they must have learned some ocean pollution facts. Ocean pollution mainly consist of chemical pollution, biological pollution and energy pollution. Chemical pollution contains plastics, organism, heavy metal and radioactive substance pollution; Energy pollution contains thermal and noise pollution. Additionally, these pollution are featured by large source of pollution, strong continuity, big hazard and spacious expand.


There are some consequences of ocean pollution you may not know. Most of the contaminants directly do damage to survival of deep sea marine life and value in use. Nutritive salts and degradable organic waste indirectly bring hazardous effects through red tide and eutrophication.


What’s more, marine weather, global warming, for instance, has become another important event worthy to be paid attention to. The global temperature apparently has gone up since the year of 2018. A large of CO2 leads to greenhouse effect, which results in change of heat distribution on earth, large marine ecosystems, and underwater sea creatures’ distribution and expand. And with increasingly accumulated CO2 gas, acidification has found to be severe, which affect the growth of coral, Coral bleaching, mollusk and other invertebrates. what is your idea about chasing coral review to wake up human being stop coral blenching.Some deep sea explorers witness that coral blenches at an unexpected speed. that is the benefits deep sea exploration.This indicates why marine conservation is very important and importance of biodiversity conservation. The huge marine weather network is always closely connected with each other and can be treated as “butterfly effect”.



Under this circumstance, marine conservation institutes such Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, The Nature Conservancy, Oceanic Preservation Society and so on strive to protect marine environment and offer more marine biodiversity records to the public. World animal protection association once lunched “huge change of ocean”, aiming to decrease hazard caused by abandoned fishing gear. What’s more, other marine conservation society also takes active steps to protect large marine ecosystem environment and decrease threats of marine ecosystems mentioned above. More types of marine ecosystems can be reviewed on What do you know about large marine ecosystem? what oceanic resources can we get from oceans research? why marine conservation research so important ?



You may never know that threats of marine ecosystem will have great influence on and even change marine biodiversity, and function of marine ecosystem such as produce capability and defensive capability from outer species. Marine biodiversity lays foundation on development of human beings and is listed as the three state of art fields with global change and sustainable development. Ocean pollution, global warming, ocean acidification and other factors have already caused ocean and coast ecosystem dying soon and loose of biodiversity. So, it is our duty to protect our ocean and provide shield for it. Even if a long way ahead us, it is still our responsibility to join protection organization to wake up total human being to save marine life, save our earth planet. That is the significance of marine conservation research. More information has offered on our website and if you want, please follow us.



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