Rare discover most attractive underwater cave in Mexico

Underwater cave exploration has been a trend in X-sports, which brings you a lot of new facts about underwater exploration . And you might watch some movie of underwater cave diving. There are many underwater caves on earth for divers to explore, but the semi-open underwater caves of the Yucatan Peninsula are always one of the most attractive underwater caverns in Mexico. It has the longest and most complex underground river system in the world, which has been found more than 70 underwater cave entrances. These entrances to underwater caves are called “Cenote” by the locals. The ancient Mayans use “Cenote”. Sacrifice to God as a place to pass through the underground holy world. This underwater cave in Mexico get eye-catching all over the world.



The ray of light, interlocking caves, such a mysterious underwater world implies unknown fears, but for divers, it is more of a surprise but also dangers of scuba diving. The underground river system of the Yucatan Peninsula provides an excellent underwater cave exploration environment for divers. Some are open waters, some are semi-enclosed caves, and some are fully enclosed caves. They are suitable for both diving masters and those who do not have diving experience to feel the magical environment in the cave by underwater snorkeling art in Mexico. if you have nemo underwater drone to explore where is the most dangerous diving places and how to avoid adventure risk ,Aquarobotman is your best selection for scuba diving gear.


Cozumel is a must-see for a trip to Mexico. Located opposite Carmen Beach, known as the Great Maya Reef, second only to the world's largest Australian Great Barrier Reef, it is the perfect choice for many diving masters looking at rare underwater plants and animals. What kind of great barrier reef tourism you never lose? Maybe you can choose this for your reef journey. This Cozumel dive site has a variety of landscapes. In addition to the rich seas of the coral and fish landscapes, you can find various caves and half caves to experience a variety of diving fun. For this reason, Cozumel is also the love of Jacques Cousteau, the father of scuba diving.


What’s more, you can watch the Mexico underwater museum, which was built on the Caribbean coast near Cancun, a resort in northern Mexico. The Underwater Sculpture Museum plans to erect 400 sculptures, all of which are made of eco-concrete balanced with acidity.


Mexico's giant crystal cave is located 290 meters underground. The cave is full of spectacular glowing giant stone pillars, 4 feet in diameter and 50 feet in length. The giant gypsum crystals in Mexico crystal cave have been growing at an extremely slow rate for hundreds of thousands of years. The high temperature water containing mineral components crystallizes due to gypsum saturation during cooling. The temperature inside the crystal cave is very high and there are hot springs around it. According to research, about five kilometers from the crystal cave is the hot lava. It is the unique conditions in the Naika region that make these giant crystals, and the possibility of finding crystal-like holes in other parts of the globe is extremely low.


This huge crystal cave is buried 1,000 feet below the Naga Mountains in the Chihuahua Desert. In 2000, two miners discovered this strange cave when they dug an underground tunnel, which contained many huge crystal columns. This cave contains many of the world's largest natural crystals. These translucent giant crystals are 11 meters long and weigh 55 tons. Garcia Ruiz of the University of Granada, Spain, said: “This is a natural wonder!” Of course, there are other underwater caves in Mexico you can explore. If you want to go on a underwater cave diving, those open underwater caves in Mexico can meet your curiosity.


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