The Danger and Excitement of Underwater Cave Diving FINDING SECRET

In many oceans, there are submarine caves. Moreover, there are not only a variety of stalactites, but also tall and straight stone forests, as well as ancient elephant shark bones, and prehistoric relics such as javelins used by people in the Paleolithic era. Now, the submarine caves filled with mystery, depth and mythology have aroused the interest of many brave and curious explorers. Underwater cave exploration has been a trend in X-sports, which brings you a lot of new facts about underwater exploration. Some scientists have speculated that some of the caves were from the land to the bottom of the sea due to geological movements. And thus, many underwater cave diving lovers begin to explore these fantastic underwater caves facts. Do you know the real underwater cave exploration?


Florida in the United States is the birthplace of professional diving and cave diving. In 1951, from the Silver Spring in Florida, people first discovered the secret of the aquifer. By 1974, due to the inexperience of divers and the backwardness of equipment, Silver Spring had killed 26 cave divers within a year. Is deep cave exploration of Florida underwater caves so deadly? Silver Spring faces the danger of being blocked by the government, and the underwater cave exploration has made rapid progress from this event. The explorers began to sum up experience and improve cave exploring gear based on past diving experience and accidents. According to many divers, they are very cautious about how to choose best scuba diving gear, which are important for them to explore underwater caves.


In 1998, Jill Heinerth, the world's first female cave diver, armed with 30,000 pounds of tools and equipment, helped complete the digital map of the cave in Wakulla Springs, Florida. Cave divers float above the entrance to the Santa Fe River cave in Florida, where the River's tannins mix with turquoise springs to create a kaleidoscopic color.


The most attractive cave dive destination is the semi-open underwater cave in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. it is dangerous and challenge  diving place for underwater cave in Mexico. There are the longest and most complex underwater cave systems in the world. The geological structure of limestone has evolved over millions of years, and the top of some caves has gradually subsided, forming the cenote sinkhole. The ancient Maya survive by the swamp water source of the underwater cave. Cenote, one of the most famous Mexico underwater caves, has drawn many eyeballs around the world. Many scuba divers head for this wonderful and best scuba diving places for fun and shoot underwater cave diving videos.



 The Vrelo, considered to be the deepest underwater cave in the water, is located on the banks of the Tresca River. Mark van der Maureen explored it, with a cave depth of about 330 meters. If you really want to undergo such underwater cave exploration, please mind your surroundings. What’s more, if you want to experience this kind of sport without jumping into water. Here, you can choose Nemo underwater drone, an ultra-stable underwater drone to help you explore. Or you can watch some thrilling movies of underwater cave diving, such as Sanctum, which tells a father and son who went deep into underground cave explorations, but was blocked by the flood caused by the storm. They could only sneak into the underwater maze at the bottom of the cave to find a way out.


Above, we talk about some underwater cave exploration history and show you that underwater cave exploration is never an easy take care of thing to challenge. No matter what kind of cave, you need to remember that life comes first. In the early times, the death rate of closed underwater cave exploration is very high because of tough judgement for underwater things. So, if you really make full preparations, just start scuba diving with professionals.


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