Three best Florida underwater caves you need to know

Why does Florida underwater caves attract so may scuba dives? Because of thrilling exploration underwater in Florida. The geology of Florida is very strange and it is entirely located in the north of a plain. The northern part of Florida is a plain area, of which the underground river system is very rich, with a lot of underwater caverns entrances and underground river entrances. And these lead to Florida caves springs, which offer running water for Florida citizens. From the 1950s to the 1970s, a lot of cave divers began underwater cave diving to explore Florida underground caves. But Florida underwater caves never stop divers coming! 


As a freshman in underwater, there are some dangers of scuba diving you don’t know. As one of the branches of technical diving, especially Florida cave diving is undoubtedly the most difficult and the highest mortality among Florida cave diving deaths. The number of cave divers is only one-tenth of the total divers, and the probability of an accident is more than half of the diving accident. “The biggest reward is seeing something that has never been seen before” according to Secrets of the Maya Underworld. That is the real charm of revealed facts about underwater exploration.


Cave diving happen in a covered environment with very low fault tolerance in dark. Once you lose limited air or limited lighting, or you are at lost about the direction of the hole, you only suffocate and die. What’s more, there have been a series of problems. For example, when you go on underwater cave diving, there is no way to go directly back to the water, nor unable to breathe underwater. At this moment, the gas cylinder you carry has run out, but you cannot rise directly to the surface of the water. Then, you may not be able to support yourself for a minute.


There are some Florida cave diving sites you may want to know.

  1. Weeki Wachee Springs State Park

Over the past 60 years, Weeki Wachee Springs State Park has attracted countless American tourists to watch the beautiful mermaid dance in cool, clear springs, one of the best springs to dive in Florida. Here, you can swim and play in the spring waters of the Pirate Bay, or simply lie on the soft sand of the river. Just take some pictures in this Florida caverns state park to memorize what you have seen. If you want to experience a cave scuba diving, you can also swim slowly between the underwater caverns in Florida and the narrow corridors. it is a best scuba diving places in the world.Passing through the narrow cracks, and suddenly, you will feel that you are more than enough to stop a jetliner.


  1. Florida Caverns State Park

Florida Caverns State Park is the only cave in Florida that does not require entry from underwater. The staff led the visitors to the caves 15 meters below and watched stalactites, stalagmites, stone pipes, flowing stones and sarcophagi. There is a wedding cake shaped like an organ, which is a popular place for weddings. And thus, you can spend hours in Florida caverns state park. After all, Florida caverns state park is also a good campground for lovers and couples.


  1. Diepolder Cave

Debord Cave, a unique attraction in the Florida State of the United States, is located 76 meters below underground, like a huge dark chamber. The sun can't shine in, which leads to the zero visibility. About 300 people have died underwater since the year of 1960. In this dark water cave, even if you have the strongest underwater flashlight, you can't see anything a few meters away. Even the slightest movement will bring up a piece of white sand at the bottom of the water.


Additionally, the Ordinskaya Cave is the longest underwater cave in Russia and the world largest underwater cave. Most people know very little about such a bottomless and mysterious cave. The entire hole consists of a "dry" part and an underwater part. However, Florida underwater caves still appeal to many people even if this sport is done at risk of life. And we know that many deaths in Florida underwater caves in terms of the dangerous cave exploration. Of course, if you don’t want to sacrifice your life, just watch underwater cave diving movie and underwater cave diving videos. if you are also ocean sea researcher, you will be interest in the amazing visual feast underwater taken by Nemo is safe and powerful scuba diving gear and underwater photography equipment underwater. only control by app on your phone or tablet without diving into the caves.check the below fascinating video. 


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