How can I be masters of marine conservation?

With threats of large marine ecosystems posing great challenge to human being continually appear, marine conservation issues become more and more important. Because marine environmental issue is related to human being’s development and urgently needs to be aware of. Not only has marine life environment dedicated irreversible damages, but other underwater sea creatures also face disasters. Here comes the question: How can I be masters of marine conservation?


First, let’s learn about some marine environment facts. Why do we have to pay attention to issues concerning with marine environment? Do you know that one of chemical pollution, called plastics, were once eaten by marine wildlife? Marine wildlife conservation seems to be a development proposition put forward by ocean. When we look through history of deep ocean exploration, we find that people always show great curiosity about ocean. However, human beings, original nature predators turn to marine environment protection participants. Just like many non-profit marine conservation organizations have advocated that marine life conservation waits everyone to take active actions to realize.


Nature Conservancy, short for NTC, shows a good model for us. Nature Conservancy aims to protect important land and water areas and enable sea animals, ocean plants and natural communities that represent global biodiversity to survive and thrive indefinitely. It once lunched Reef resilience; Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD) by reducing Deforestation and forest Degradation; Buy-out of fishing rights and trade in underwater easement; Sustainable water funds; Take Development by Design, an approach that aims to keep Development activities away from biodiversity hotspots. Another marine conservation institute The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, is a tax-free registered organization in the United States and a registered foundation in the Netherlands. It is based in Friday Harbor, Washington, and Melbourne, Australia, Members campaigned under the United Nations world natural charter (1982) and other laws and regulations for the protection of Marine species and the environment.


As mentioned above, you can choose to be volunteers of these non-profit organizations. You may question that How do I conserve marine environment? Yes, you can do a lot of meaningful things for the ocean.


  • Lower energy consumption and mind carbon footprint.

For instance, you can curb the effects of climate change on the ocean by leaving your car at home whenever you can. Switch to compact fluorescent light bulbs, take the stairs, and bundle up or use a fan to avoid over setting your thermostat.

  • Use Fewer Plastic Products.

Plastics that reach the ocean debris continues to pollute the marine habitat and can lead to entangling and killing of marine animals. Just like the last article writing that many abandoned fishing gears cause hazard to marine environment. What’s more, much plastics float on the surface of the ocean and lead to eat by mistaken, which give threats to many marine animals’ environment.

  • Don't buy products that are made of marine life.


Many commercial products offered to costumers are made of marine animals. As is known to us, shark is often captured to make cod-liver oil. And many celebrities actively advocate that “No trade, No killer!”


According to marine environmental research, large marine ecosystem protection work needs to be done urgently including no more killing of goliath grouper fish, manatees and other marine animals. Although these animals are one of marine resources, but no open-ended obtaining will keep forever. There is no doubt that we need to conserve marine resources because of greedy predation of the ocean. During this process of being masters of marine conservation, the underwater drone Nemo helps you learn more about the deep ocean. Because this Nemo can detect what you never know about ocean. Along the coast of the ocean, which is one of the marine conservation area can be easily accessible to you. If you want more deep area to explore, just choose Nemo to realize your wish to be masters of marine conservation.

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