How does the ocean affect climate?

Does ocean affect climate? Actually, it is definitely right. In common sense, the most important reason for the ever-changing climate on earth is the condition of the atmosphere being heated and the amount of moisture in the atmosphere. We are fundamentally right in saying that the heat on earth comes from the sun. But it must pass through the ocean's "thermostat" to affect the earth's temperature, which can be concluded that ocean really affects climate. And thus, there are some ocean climate facts you need to know. Only if we have more objective and all-sided insights from ocean affect climate, can we realize the importance of large marine ecosystem.


  1. How does the atmosphere rise heat?

Solar radiation is a kind of shortwave radiation. When it passes through the atmosphere, only a small part of it is directly absorbed by the atmosphere. As the earth's surface heats up, it radiates outward continuously, unlike the short-wave radiation of the sun. This radiant heat is easily absorbed by the atmosphere, which raises its temperature. So, the warming of the atmosphere starts at the bottom.


  1. How does ocean affect heat of climate?

Do oceans regulate climate? Oceans, which make up 71% of the earth's surface, are the main supplier of atmospheric heat. At the same time, the heat capacity of the water is much bigger than air, 1 cubic centimeter of water temperature to reduce the heat emitted by 1, can make more than 3000 cubic centimeters of air temperature to rise 1. Seawater is a transparent fluid, and solar radiation can be transmitted to deeper places, allowing a fairly thick layer of water to store heat. If the global 100 meters thick surface waters cool 1, the heat giving off can cause the global atmospheric temperature to rise 60.Therefore, the large amount of heat stored in the ocean for a long time is a huge "boiler", which can continuously affect the weather and climate change through energy transfer. Briefly speaking, do oceans affect climate? Yes, this is one of way that ocean affects climate.


Recently, global warming leads to ocean temperature rise, which greatly affects coral reef growth under this climate. As many social media have reported that what will we lose if our environment threats ocean? But, what will we lose if our ocean threats environment?


Just like coral blenches seriously shown in ocean documentary. What is your idea about chasing coral review to wake up human being stop coral blenching?


  1. How does ocean affect the amount of moisture in the atmosphere

Water vapor in the atmosphere is also mainly from the ocean. That's because when seawater evaporates, it carries a lot of water vapor from the ocean into the atmosphere, which accounts for about 84% of surface evaporation. The ocean turns about 100 centimeters of water into steam every year, which means that the ocean turns about 3.6 billion cubic meters of water into steam every year. There is no doubt that we can get oceanic resources from oceans research.


The impact of the ocean on climate is obvious. If the ocean's thermodynamic conditions were abnormal, it would affect atmospheric circulation and affect climate change. In recent years, the "well-known" El Nino is an ocean anomaly in the central and eastern equatorial Pacific where ocean surface temperatures continue to rise abnormally. This is one of verified truth that ocean currents affect climate change. Pacific Ocean climate is also accordingly changed based on this phenomenon.


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